About Us

We have spent many years in ministry, serving in all kinds of churches, including Baptist, independent, charismatic and house churches. We have done prayer and deliverance ministry in churches, healing rooms and homes, both in the U.S. and abroad.

We have been praying and ministering to hurting believers for decades, and we equip those who want to include healing and deliverance in their own ministries, offering customized training to churches and groups of any size.

We work effectively with different streams of church and ministry, splitting our time between Connecticut and Florida. We’d love to talk with you about your situation and how we could come alongside you for personal ministry or practical equipping.

What We Do

Multiplying Freedom Ministries brings healing and wholeness to those who are suffering from physical, emotional or spiritual afflictions. We bring the grace and power of God to meet each person’s needs, including physical, inner healing, and deliverance from oppressive spirits.

Multiplying Freedom Ministries combines two ministries not often seen together:

1) We pray for those who need physical or emotional healing or deliverance from demonic oppression. We minister to the whole person and address the root causes of their afflictions, whether sickness and infirmity, hurts and traumas, or sin and the demonic. We are discerning and caring, and always minister in grace. We minister both face to face and on the Zoom video conference platform.

2)  We offer training and equipping that covers how to get started or grow in deliverance. We clearly and effectively teach the best practices in healing and deliverance, including providing clear, concise written materials. We teach free online classes and maintain a YouTube channel. We are also happy to teach on-site workshops for churches and other ministries. We can customize the workshops to fit your needs.

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