Seeking Freedom?


Multiplying Freedom Ministries is a Prayer & Equipping Ministry dedicated to helping believers find peace and freedom through Jesus Christ. 

Since it is our belief that Christians should take ownership of their own freedom in Jesus Christ, our ministry is dedicated to training others how to take up their own authority in Him. We believe by teaching believers to stand up in their authority they will be able to claim back the spiritual territory from the enemy that has been stolen.

We firmly believe that deliverance is a process, not a one-time event. Our conviction is that true and lasting freedom can only come by means of thoroughly dealing with the root causes of what is troubling the person. Our slow and methodical attention to dealing with these roots has helped many hundreds find lasting freedom, even though they have been unsuccessful in past deliverances. 

So, if you are looking for a different approach to deliverance, one that will deal with all the root causes so you can truly find the freedom you are seeking, we invite you to get started today. 

Getting Started With Our Ministry

Check out this 2 minute video with Bruce Gordon from Multiplying Freedom Ministries, detailing about the ministry and how we may be able to come alongside you to help on the way to freedom and victory.

We have developed an in depth Prayer Survey to help you access the areas that the enemy has found inroads to put you in bondage. This is the first step to getting started with our ministry. This form is lengthy so we advise you do it at a time you are free from any distractions. Take your time and pray through it carefully.

After completing our survey, we will review and pray over the survey and determine how we might be able to help. You will receive an email from us detailing areas that we feel you may need to address and advice on how to proceed on your road to freedom. If you have identified areas that you may need prayer, you can access our many downloads to help you.

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