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John Wimber observed years ago, “Often physical illnesses are caused by emotional, spiritual or even demonic elements and vice versa.” Many believers are dealing with the residual effects of past traumas, hurts and relational troubles that can be addressed through inner healing. Other times the current problem may be related to sin or forgiveness issues, the presence of demonic oppression, or all of these together. We bring grace, discernment and the authority of Christ to see the person set free.

Wimber gives us an outline of areas addressed by various kinds of healing ministries:
1. Healing of the body (organic and functional problems)
2. Healing of the spirit (spiritual sickness caused primarily by sin)
3. Healing of past hurts (memories and emotions)
4. Healing of the demonized (sometimes identified with psychic or mental illness)
5. Healing of relationships (repairing social aspect of a person’s being)
6. Healing of the dying and dead (comforting and strengthening the dying, and in very special cases, praying for life for the dead)

He continues: “The nature of healing is such that when one area is touched, other affected areas will also experience the process of healing, with the view to the person being made whole.  Therefore, we should not be disheartened if people are not healed immediately, rather we should take the time required to serve them. Often physical illnesses are caused by emotional, spiritual or even demonic elements and vice versa.  Complex interrelationships between the various types of sickness, the parts of the human make-up, and the different kinds of healing, must always be taken into account. The Scriptures suggest that God wants wholeness for people in every area of life (John 10:10; 3 John 2) and we should use every biblical means at our disposal to receive and impart this wholeness.”

“While sickness of the spirit is caused by what we do, sickness of the emotions is generally caused by what is done to us. It grows out of the hurts which are done to us by another person or some experience we have been exposed to in the past. These hurts affect us in the present, in the form of painful memories, and weak or wounded emotions. This in turn leads us into various forms of sin, depression, a sense of worthlessness and inferiority, unreasoning fears and anxieties, psychosomatic illness, etc. Included in this process are the present day effects (consequences) of the sins of the parents in the bloodline of a person. (See Ex 20:5) Thus healing of past hurts touches the emotions, the memories and the person’s bloodline” (John Wimber and Kevin Springer, Power Healing).

We’d love to talk with you about your questions or interests, particularly about situations involving believers where it seems that a demonic component could be present.

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