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Bruce and Nancie Gordon founded Multiplying Freedom Ministries in 2018. Since then, they have dedicated their lives helping bring hope, freedom, healing and restoration to the captives through deliverance prayer, teaching, videos, personal meetings, Zoom meetings, emails and more. We are currently located in the West Palm Beach area in Florida.

Bruce Perry Gordon

Bruce came to Christ in 1981 while working as a jazz musician, and was soon working with local worship ministries. He spent much of the ‘80s and ‘90s training worship teams, and still works in the field when time allows.

By the mid 2000s he was ordained and working with ministries in Asia and Africa, training pastors and evangelists in discipleship & outreach. While there, he received his first training and experience in healing and deliverance ministry. His writings on evangelism and healing were translated into Hindi and Swahili and distributed in Asia, Africa and the States.

These experiences opened doors to teach college level missions classes through the Perspectives program, giving seminars on Muslim evangelism, and working as a consultant with evangelists and church planters.

Bruce’s gifts of teaching and training help people clearly grasp the principles and practices of healing and deliverance, so that they are confident to go and help others become healthy and free. He loves working closely together with Nancie as they flow in the Spirit and see hurting people transformed by the Holy Spirit. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, photographing nature and taking Nancie for afternoon drives.

Nancie Escue Smith Gordon

Nancie was dramatically transformed in 1983 and witnessed both the saving mercies of Jesus and miracle of healing her son. In Children’s Hospital at the time, and told by doctors that her son would not live through the night, Jesus touched both of them, restoring health to her son and  and bringing salvation to Nancie. Being heavily involved in both the occult and new age thinking, the demons readily attacked and spiritual warfare plus fighting the demonic training began. Within a year, Nancie opened the first of many Christian Stores in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Along with ministry of the Word, deliverance prayer meetings were frequent in the hours after closing.

Both Bruce and Nancie have been involved with prayer and deliverance ministry in churches, healing rooms and homes, both in the U.S. and abroad. They have been praying and ministering to hurting believers for decades, and are happy to equip those who want to include healing and deliverance in their own ministries, including offering customized training programs to churches and groups of any size.

They work effectively with different streams of church and ministry. If you are interested in a training or ministry time in your church or home group, they would love to talk with you.

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