Understanding and Dealing With Strongholds

The little foxes spoil the vineyards… Song of Solomon 2:15 Strongholds are stubborn, well entrenched patterns of thoughts, emotions and spiritual oppressions that can frustrate or paralyze a person to the point where they can’t effectively live in the Spirit. These cycles and thought patterns can become overwhelming, and cut off our normal God-given freedom …

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In healing and deliverance circles, Pharmakeia has a specialized meaning and implication. In the Bible – Pharmakeia is a transliteration of a Greek word usually translated as sorcery or witchcraft, in both the New Testament and the Greek version of the Hebrew Scriptures (the Septuagint) that was usually used by the New Testament writers when …

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Free Deliverance Classes – Background and Details

Multiplying Freedom Ministries offers ongoing classes on current issues in spiritual warfare, healing and deliverance. Our goal is to equip individuals, ministries and churches for the practical work of setting people free. Our classes run about an hour, and cover both foundational and more advanced topics. In recent months we have addressed everything from basic …

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