25 Traits of A Jezebel Spirit

The name Jezebel is spelt in Hebrew as “LYZEBEL” and it means “Baal exalts, un-husbanded one, without cohabitation and unchaste“. This spirit hates authority, despises correction, hates being subjected and loves attention. Though I refer to Jezebel as “she” in some instances, Jezebel is genderless and can operate in both men and women, with or without their knowledge.

Its Traits and Character

  • This spirit especially hates men of God who are faithfully doing the work of God. She will come in that church to pollute it and quench the flow of the Holy Spirit. If she goes in a weak church, there will begin to be little revelation of God’s word during sermons and there will barely be any testimonies. That church would need to be strong in prayer. If you are in ministry or you are anointed and not yet married it is very important that you walk in the gift of discernment because the devil will try and pair you up with a Jezebel partner to infiltrate your anointing, calling and influence. It will usually be someone who is knowingly or unknowingly involved in forms of witchcraft, in order to make sure that you quench the Holy Spirit. Remember, witchcraft is not always about spells, but it can find ground to operate through jealousy, pride, envy or hatred.
  • When a leader who has a Jezebel spirit is in ministry, due to lack of revelation of the truth of God’s word, he/she will twist scripture, manipulate the congregation, direct worship to themselves instead of God and lastly, in some cases he/she will practice subtle witchcraft, false religion or divination even by use of biblical principles and Scriptures.
  • Jezebel hates men and women in authority who are over her position. She will do just about ‘anything’ to get someone’s place of prominence especially those who speak the truth or have a genuine/pure heart. Jezebel hates the Truth and those who speak it and seeks to destroy those who openly speak the Truth, especially if the Truth exposes her ugly ways and motives.
  • A Jezebel spirit in a woman will not submit to a man, if she does it will only be in pretence in order to gain ground or favours; her submission is conditional. Some wives allow this spirit to entice them and they end up submitting to their husband only when it is beneficial to them; this is rebellion in the marriage bed. When heaven looks at the marriage bed of such a couple it sees it as impure. Wives ought to know that their submission adds to the purity of their marriage bed (in the same way godly headship from the husband adds to the purity of the marriage bed with his wife). Submission is powerful and invites God’s blessings but the enemy lies to some wives enticing them to operate in a Jezebelic manner.
  • A person with a Jezebel spirit may look innocent and be widely known as being very helpful and friendly, but he/she is deceitfully cunning and subtle; likely trying to gain ground and favour. Jezebel only looks out for his/her own selfish ambitions. Jezebel is only helping today in order to gain the upper hand tomorrow.
  • A Jezebel places themselves in the place of prominence subtly and by craftiness with objectives of popularity, if possible even to the degree of being worshipped. Those with a Jezebel spirit long to be praised and adored like a god. When a church is run by a leader with a Jezebel spirit, that leader will be worshipped by the congregation and he/she will encourage it indirectly usually through manipulation. The leader will not do anything to stop people from worshipping them. Apostle Paul did great works for God to the point where people’s admiration of him was slowly turning into an obsession and worship but he discouraged this in this account written in Acts 14:11-15. The only way to overcome and hate self worship is through humility. If you are a leader but not humble, you will be in danger of walking with the Jezebel spirit.
  • A Jezebel never forgets when they are wronged because they struggle to forgive others. Therefore, he/she will not be at peace until they find revenge, even if it takes years to achieve. Jezebels do not forgive nor forget. Such a person is capable of killing you or destroying your life. Such was the case with the Pharisees, they found Jesus teachings offensive and very hurtful to them and they eventually sort to kill and destroy Jesus.
  • A Jezebel is secretly compulsive and desperately stalks those he/she envies, being obsessive in finding every single piece of detail about those he/she hates. The person with this spirit will try and find out even the smallest of details about their opponent to use for a plot. Jezebels are demonically intelligent and will keep information for years before using it against their victim.
  • A Jezebel has no identity of her/his own, no real gifts or talents; like a leech they feed off from others by stealing ideas and counterfeiting other people’s gifts in order to establish themselves or become popular. If a gifted or talented person has a Jezebel as a friend that person will suffer greatly because Jezebel will act like a friend yet he/she is an enemy seeking to sabotage them and their gifts.
  • A Jezebel will volunteer for anything and everything in the church. You will see them participate in 3 or more ministries in the church. They don’t do so because they want to help or are called to be there but because they are controlling and want to lead many things for the purpose of receiving admiration. They also don’t know their purposeful place in the Body of Christ. This is why leaders in the bible would only choose workers for a ministry area in the Church, after prayer and fasting (even minor ministry areas like food distribution). Jezebels can quickly be discerned when prayer and fasting is involved but sadly in many of today’s ministries some leaders don’t fast nor pray before they place people in ministry roles, they choose people based on friendships or character rather than anointing and purpose; this is why their ministries end up infiltrated by Jezebel.
  • A Jezebel has no close friends but has many friends because he/she is not genuine, trustful nor faithful. He/she knows that they cannot be too close to anyone as this exposes them.
  • Those under Jezebel in position whether in the workplace, ministry or family dynamics; will tend to fear him/her because when a Jezebel is in power, he/she has an authoritative and threatening demeanour. He/she will cunningly make you believe that you need him/her and you’re nothing without their help. They will convince you that your destiny is tied to theirs and without them you will be a failure. This is a lie from the pits of hell.
  • A Jezebel thinks he/she can have any man/woman they want, even if the person is already with someone. This is because Jezebel finds a thrill in destroying relationships and feels powerful knowing that another woman’s man or another man’s woman is giving them attention. A Jezebel in a woman doesn’t care if he’s your boyfriend or husband. A Jezebel in a man doesn’t care if she’s your girlfriend or wife. He/she doesn’t respect you nor your relationship and if he/she wants your man/woman, they will do whatever they can to get him/her because the assignment of Jezebel is to destroy the relationship or marriage.
  • He/she is the opposite of everything 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 says about Love. A Jezebel is impatient, a show off, proud, rude, selfish, provoking, thinks of evil, rejoices in sin, unbearable, unbelieving and unendurable. However, it takes one who abides in the Word of God to be able to discern this because these actions will be very subtle and unnoticeable.
  • It’s easy for Jezebel to maneuver in a relationship that has no unity. When facing a problem it’s important to discuss it together before discussing it to a third party. When you discuss with outsiders first, it is very dangerous and can cause premature death on your relationship. As a result withholding information from strangers chokes Jezebel, it deprives the person with this spirit from information. Dear reader, never announce your problems or plans on social media prematurely because social media is the easiest way for a Jezebel to gain access to you and because a Jezebel is intelligent they will throughly dissect the information to build ways to destroy you.
  • The devil has successfully attached the spirit of Jezebel on some of his music artists. You have to be very careful about whom you are listening to these days. Some very popular music artists are operating under the anointing of Jezebel. Ezekiel 28:13-14 says, “…The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes was prepared for you on the day you were created. You were the anointed cherub who covers; I established you; you were on the holy mountain of God; you walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones.” Satan was both anointed and gifted for music! Therefore, guard your heart and mind against charismatically inspired music from the pits of hell. Let your heart be led by the Word of God not by musical lyrics of people whom you do not know what they do behind closed doors. Put your trust in God not in man because there is a transference that happens spiritually by what we willingly watch and listen to. Therefore, before you buy that album or download that song. Ask the Holy Spirit if it is worth it.
  • Jezebel wants your inheritance. He/she is after what belongs to you, hence, he/she will implement ways to choke out and starve your faith in God from His promises and prophesies. A Jezebel will even do this through false dreams, telling you God told them something about you or that they dreamt of you when God did not tell them anything. For instance, a woman who pretended to be a friend to me was desperately trying to attach herself to my life because she saw into my future. She began to play the role of being a friendly advisor even though I didn’t ask for advice, she was overly nice and spoke false prophetic words to me trying to divert my love life but she didn’t know that, secretly, I had already seen her in the spirit realm, fasting against me and my plans. Do you know that Jezebel can fast against your plans and ideas? Fasting creates power whether good or evil, this is why different religions fast and there are still results – fasting is spiritual but not always holy before God. Therefore, those under the attack of Jezebel must always stand firm in prayer and live a pure life unto God. Dear reader, do not accept every dream, prophesy or voice to speak into your life; many are not speaking from the throne of God but from the pits of hell.
  • A Jezebel promises to fulfil all your forbidden desires and will do so by unjustly ways. These desires are forbidden because they are rejected and disapproved by God in that they do not align with God’s Word. Look at those whom you call friends, what advise do they give you? Does this advise agree with God’s promises and instructions? When you ask for help, what are the means they use to help you? Jezebels’s husband in the bible, king Ahab, desired another man’s vineyard and Jezebel promised the king that she would get him the vineyard. She then set up the owner of that vineyard to be falsely accused and stoned to death; afterwards she incited her husband to claim the vineyard saying that the owner was now dead (read 1 Kings chapter 21).
  • If a Jezebel is in a woman, she’s will open several accounts on social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram to fight you or to steal your other half. If the basis is to steal your man, she will do this in jealousy of your relationship and will feel better about herself if your man is unfaithful. Many marriages have fallen through social media messages between other women’s husbands and seemingly innocent strangers who were in fact Jezebels. Those messages turned into emotional soul ties and resulted in adultery. This weapon is usually used by female Jezebels towards women who are in ministry (Jezebel will message the husband) or men who are in ministry (Jezebel will seek guidance from the man in ministry). The other thing to note is that Jezebel’s personality will seem to draw you in, this is because she is a seducing controlling spirit. This is why those who are married must always be covered in prayer.
  • One of his/her weapons is that he/she always looks like they are about to walk on the runway. You have to wonder when and how she/he managed to make themself up so nicely. Even if it’s inappropriate, there is no dull day with the person with this spirit. They trust in their looks and use this as a means to gain favour and if Jezebel is in a woman, she will be adorned beautifully from hair, make-up to her outfit. His/her motive behind this is seduction and power. Though there are people who genuinely just like looking good, it will take discernment to perceive this.
  • A Jezebel will have a record of your history and especially knows your triumphs and victories. They will however casually bring up in conversations your flaws and weaknesses to mock you or they will bring up your victories as a way to butter you up. This is done to frustrate you. This is why when you have friends with a Jezebel spirit you will often be emotionally or pyschologically frustrated, confused and tired from the friendship. Once the friendship is over you will suddenly feel free, at peace and able to think more clearly. This is the same when leaving a church with leaders with a Jezebel spirit, you will suddenly be able to pray again, understand the Word again and find purpose again!
  • If a woman who is influenced by Jezebel doesn’t manage to seduce a man she will then play the victim like socio-paths do by making false witness against him that he raped her or tried to rape her. She hates men who are strong enough to flee from sexual immorality. She will be headstrong in trying to destroy those she failed to subdue, even if it takes years to achieve. Hence, the importance of setting boundaries. Never ever be alone in a secluded place with someone of the opposite sex unless the Holy Spirit gives you peace about it. Be alert! For example, there is a married Pastor who has raped many young women whom he counsels in his home office, a few other pastors know this but no one has prosecuted him yet because no-one believes that this pastor can do such things and there is no evidence. These women he raped had one thing in common – they were physically beautiful. This is the controlling spirit of Jezebel at work, using its position of prominence to destroy other women’s lives.
  • Dear reader, if you know someone has a Jezebel spirit, do not get too close to him/her because they will use your secrets and flaws against you in the future. Be watchful over people who try to be too close to you quickly, for example, within 1 month a person is sharing deep private things with you and wants you to do the same. Be prayerful and discerning with such people. Following the ways of Jezebel by being friends with him/her is like walking in an unequal yoke. You will suffer calamity and unfruitfulness in areas of your life because you will be walking together with someone whose heart devices evil and sows discord among brethren.
  • A Jezebel is very spiritual and religious. He/she will make you think they are more spiritual than most people. However, when you begin to discern and test them, you will find that he/she has very little revelation of God’s Word and God’s Love. Jezebel will tell you of the many experiences, dreams and visions he/she has had but experiences, dreams and visions without knowledge of God’s Word are dangerous. Jezebel is all talk with no godly power.
  • If you are in a happy relationship, of which God chose you and your partner, Jezebel will be after you. It’s important you and the person you’re in a relationship with discuss boundaries; who you open up to about your relationship; setting boundaries on whom you accept advice from. Jezebel is always seeking to destroy pure relationships usually because of jealousy especially if you are genuinely happy or blessed in love; Jezebel wants what you have. She wants that happiness, friendship, peace and purity founded in your relationship. Relationships are like a house and they must have walls. Everyone shouldn’t walk in and out of your house. This creates footprints of dust, impurities and delusions. Only the Holy Spirit should have all access. Jezebel is looking to win and destroy a potentially good future marriage. Therefore, for some people you will have to tell them “Excuse me, please take off your shoes before you come in” that is to mean; keep your opinions, judgements, tales and advices; they are not coming in our relationship.

This Writeup Is A Chapter Taken From The Book “INCORRUPTIBLE BEAUTY” by Dephne Madyara

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1 thought on “25 Traits of A Jezebel Spirit”

  1. Nicholas Priest

    Just a quick note re: “New Age” document –

    First, I appreciate your sharing – please thank your friend for all the hard work! This took a while to compile, type out and publish!

    Second, great list!

    Third, I would recommend considering the addition of a few other “movements” and “religions” just for emphasis.

    Panentheism – God is not only “everything” as in pantheism, but also he is IN everything (rocks, trees, water, etc) – hence, praying to stone, wood, metal, ivory, gems, fountains, etc., is meaningful

    Phenomenology – the philosophy that all experience of events and/or objects is to be evaluated solely on the basis of the human consciousness without reference to any outside factors (no causation, no independent standard, irrelevant or nonexistent God/Creator)

    Existentialism – derived from phenomenology primarily by Jean-Paul Sartre, the philosophy that a self-determining agent makes rational, relevant, meaningful evaluations of events or objects given that the universe is purposeless, irrational (no God/Creator, no causative relationships) and then acts rationally (relative term meaning each agent determines what is rational)

    Well, maybe not as brief as I had hoped. Nonetheless, there you go! You are welcome to do with this what you desire. Much of the items listed are part and parcel of the Eastern religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism. Each emphasizes in some way a disconnected personal experience – “you must search for your truth”.

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