A Follow Up Word On Angels

Some questions have arisen about my position about angels, so I will address them here as clearly as possible.

One of the most important foundations for our ministry is our desire to practice inner healing and deliverance in a way that will engender trust, and avoid what might be called some of the weird and flaky aspects that have kept many individuals and churches away from the help that we can provide.

Everything I teach and practice goes through a strict filter that goes like this: “What does Scripture say? Does my position represent a strong and legitimate interpretation of Scripture? Are there any theological implications for what I am doing or saying that I need to consider?”

That said, here is what I actually think and practice relative to angels:

1] There is only One Who commands angels – the Lord of Hosts, the Almighty Father.

2] The authority to command or direct them has not been given or delegated to us.

If it ever sounds as though I have transgressed my own beliefs along these lines, I would say that anyone who has spent years as a preacher, intercessor or a worker in spiritual warfare has had situations where their phraseology was not technically or theologically perfect. We are human and this happens, including to me.

Please do not hesitate to bring up questions either publicly in the comments on this page, or privately to me through email via bruce [dot] training [at] gmail [dot] com

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