A New Angels and Demons YouTube Series

We will soon be releasing a series of videos that deal with the biblical background of angels and demons. This will include background on good and evil angels, demons and Satan.

Some of what we will be learning will likely be different than what we’ve learned at church, since we are looking deeply into the biblical background on them. We will look at Old Testament writings, New Testament writings and Intertestamental literature, in particular 1 Enoch and Jubilees.

These latter sources are important since they help us fill in the blanks about the development of the thinking of the biblical writers. For example, the N.T. outlook on demons and Satan is very different from what the O.T. Scriptures tell us, and we need to look at this other literature to help us see the transition more clearly.

We won’t get into minute detail, but rather focus on the sort of background that is helpful for developing a practical understanding of these beings. Some of the areas we will look into are these:
The Angel of the Lord, cherubim, seraphim, angels that help us, fallen angels, evil angels, demons and Satan.

I guarantee that you will learn things that you didn’t expect. Please join us as we explore these important and fascinating topics.

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