A New YouTube Series on The Book of Enoch

We are preparing to release a new series of videos on Enoch. There are actually three books that go by the name of Enoch. The oldest, best known and most influential is the one known as 1 Enoch. This is the one we will take up for study in this series. It consists of 108 chapters, consisting mostly of dreams, visions, prophetic denunciations and some history.

Like the book of Daniel, 1 Enoch is an apocalyptic composition. Apocalyptic works often have distinctive characteristics like highlighting the hand of God operating in troubled times, dreams, visions and revelations, angelic visitations and God’s judgment of evil.

Enoch was very well known to the writers of the New Testament, and when I’ve read through Enoch, I’ve been struck by the number of places in Enoch where familiar phrases from the NT jump off the page.

The most important section of 1 Enoch for our purposes is the first 37 chapters, called The Book of Watchers, which describes the activities of a group of angels called the Watchers, who defected from Heaven and came to the Earth. The first mention of Watchers in the Bible is in Daniel Ch. 4, where they are angels with special functions.

This section of 1 Enoch details the earthly activities of the Watchers, God’s judgment of them for their rebellion and activities, the Genesis Flood and the origin of demons. There are also sections dealing with visions of the afterlife, especially the final state of the righteous and the wicked.

Our study will be very practical, and we encourage you to join us. We are including a link to a free download of Enoch. I will use various translations in the study, but here are links to two that you can download: https://tinyurl.com/4tfbf8ud + https://tinyurl.com/mrpdj62t

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