Avoiding Post-deliverance Backlash

As hornets will attack anyone who disturbs their nest, so demons will viciously attack those who dare to invade the kingdom of Satan to free the captives. Satan will stoop to any tactic to repel you and other workers, who come against him and his kingdom. He is the original rule breaker, and he will not hesitate to exploit any weakness you have. No slackness in your spiritual life will be overlooked in an effort to gain some advantage over you.

When you begin to cast out demons, there will be severe repercussions as Satan mounts the offensive, seeking any vulnerable areas in the total being of the believer. If personal harassment will not deter the believer from pursuing spiritual warfare, the devil will broaden the scope of his offensive and will attack through your family and other professing believers.

If any of this happens to you, coolly, calmly, even with hair prickling on your neck and chills coursing through your body, you must take the offensive, using the name of Jesus as your combination shield and battering ram. Pray and praise Him for His blood, eternal life, salvation full and free; and claim His protection from the hosts of darkness.

Rebuke Satan and his hosts and take authority over them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as a believer priest (Revelation 1:6; 5:10).

Command the spirits to leave you (I John 4:4). You may have to repeat this several times. Be persistent. They will be reluctant to obey. They also sometimes linger to see if you really believe what you are saying.

One rule you must follow: Never panic. Refuse to stampede. Pray in the name of Jesus, pleading the blood and thanking God for Jesus salvation. Take authority over the spirit forces, rebuking them in name of Jesus. They will release you and retreat as you prove that you are not going to let them gain a foothold of fear from which to harass you.

The enemy will keep shifting his pressure point, seeking any weakness. He will accelerate his war with you, pressing you in areas of your personal, family, business, and spiritual life, in order to destroy you. This can literally crowd you to Christ for fellowship and protection. This end result explains why God permits him to harass you so — to drive you to Himself, thus frustrating the “destroyer” in his plans. When men stand faithful, the enemy never wins. The pressures of the enemy are arranged to stop you from pursuing real spiritual warfare.

So no matter what area of your life is under attack, it is all part of a cunningly devised strategy to stop you from rescuing the oppressed. Do count the cost (Luke 14:28), then determine by God’s grace that you will go on. Decide whether the deliverance of many lives from Satan’s bondage is worth the effort, the misunderstanding, and hatred that will surely be your lot (John 15:18, 24; 17:14).

The following contains some prayers to inspire your own:

“Lord Jesus, I claim by faith now the protection of Your armor, that I may stand against Satan and all his hosts, and in the name of Jesus overcome them.

I take Your truth to counter the lies and errors of a cunning enemy.

I take Your righteousness to overcome the evil thought and accusations of Satan.

I take the equipment of the gospel of peace and forsake the safety and comforts of life in order to
wage war with the enemy.

Above all, I take Your faith to bar the way to doubts and unbelief entering my mind.

I take Your salvation and trust You to protect my body, soul, and spirit from Satan’s varied attacks.

I take Your Word and pray that the Holy Spirit will enable me to use it effectively against the
enemy to sever every bondage and deliver every captive of Satan.

We forbid the spirits to move around in [ this person ] except to come out.

We ask that the Holy Spirit put a wedge behind any spirit that manifests so that it cannot recede. We forbid any retaliation or backlash.

We command all evil spirits that are cast out to go with the angels wherever Jesus wants them to
go and they cannot return.

We ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in immediately filling any vacancy left by evil spirits, so there is no room for them to return.

We forbid all retaliation, backlash and vengeance from evil spirits on [ ] , on this person or his/ her/my family, property, finances, pets or on any of the deliverance workers, their families, properties, finances, or those that they pray for.

In the strong and all conquering name of Jesus Christ my Lord, Amen.

Edited by Bruce Gordon from Gene Moody and Win Worley

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