Binding + Loosing – Warfare Prayer


(Mt. 16:19; Mt. 18:18)


Before ever coming against Satan or his demonic spirits. whenever doing a work of the Kingdom for others or yourself, ALWAYS BIND SATAN, and his kingdom member FIRST, and ALWAYS forbid RETALIATION.




I BIND you first, then I BIND every principality, power, ruler, of the darkness, wicked spirit in high places and ALL spirits not of Holy Spirit up and off from my spouse, each of my children, from all family members, relatives, friends and acquaintances, from our church and all of its members, from all true Christian believers, from me, from all that we are, have and possess, from our income, finances, possessions, health, safety, welfare, bodies, from our body parts, systems, organs, functions, members. and senses, from our travels by car, boat, and plane, from our motor vehicles, lives and limbs, from our jobs and employment, covering us and all of these things CONTINUALLY with the BLOOD OF CHRIST JESUS and DECREEING them and us OFF LIMITS to you, Satan, and ALL of your evil spirits:


I LOOSE us ALL, along with all that has been spoken, from you, Satan and your kindred spirits.


I DECREE that you CANNOT RETALIATE, TAKE REVENGE, or GET EVEN in any way manner, or form, to or through any individual, organization, adversary or would-be adversary from this day, any day past, or any day to come… and I DECREE such retaliation revenge, or getting even FORBIDDEN, ALL, by FAITH in the MIGHTY NAME OF CHRIST JESUS, DEPART from us NOW, in CHRIST JESUS’ NAME and for His Glory.”



NOTE: You can also name individual demonic spirits KNOWN, OR suspected to be present. Bind, loose, and cast them out BY NAME and include them in the prayer.


You can also add at the end of the prayer:

“I bind and cast you all out directly to the feet of Christ Jesus (or to go wandering in dry places, not to return) (or to go to the pit and await the end of the age), and (NOT TO RETURN) all in CHRIST JESUS’ NAME.” I loose myself from you immediately, completely, permanently, and continually, all in Christ Jesus’ Name.”


By Bern Zupano, MD

From Spiritual Warfare Prayers

Copyright ©1999 by Bern Zumpano, M.D


Download PDF Here – Binding + Loosing – Warfare Prayer

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