Broadcast + Mind Hacking Prayer

♦️In the Name of Jesus, I take authority over my body, soul, heart, mind and spirit.

♦️I cover myself in the blood of Jesus.

♦️I surrender to Jesus my entire life.

♦️I ask for forgiveness of all my sins, and for the filling of the Holy Spirit.

♦️Holy Father, please surround me with a wall of brass, a dome of brass, a wall of fire, a wall of angels, so that my own thoughts stay in my own mind, and are not revealed to anyone else.

♦️Let no other thoughts, invasions or intrusions pass through from others to me.

♦️Cover me with your protection so that no spirits, no works of the enemy can intrude, enter or trouble my mind, feelings, spirit, memory or body.

♦️Protect my entire being by your mighty power.

♦️I cancel any demonic operations and forbid them to affect me in any and every realm, age, timeline, dimension, frequency, planet, cosmos, constellation, universe; every gate, path, portal, frequency, vibration, river, and light or technology.

♦️I deny access any working of evil, power of darkness through any grids, scrolls, matrixes, doors, windows, access points, backdoors, data, algorithms; electrical, magnetic, robotic, artificial intelligence, holographic or synthetic realms.

♦️I break demonic altars, curses and rituals.

♦️I destroy in the name of Jesus all the works of the enemy – all tethers, interfaces, curses, overlays; ungodly agreements, covenants, certificates, oaths, vows and intrusions.

♦️I cut, sever, destroy, cancel, break and renounce all of them.

♦️I forbid any further effects on me or my life from any ungodly source.

♦️I bind, pierce through and thrust them out of me.

♦️I liberate my genetics, markers, cells, bone marrow, meridian lines, energy signatures, DNA strands and blood.

♦️I free and purify my genetics, cells, DNA, meridian lines, energy signatures, anchors or markers.

♦️My entire being is cleansed by the Holy Spirit and the living water of God.

♦️I renounce and forbid the effects of any quantum technologies, oversouls, parasites, implants, portals, gates, paths, channels, backdoors, devices, implants, wires, cables, chips, computers.

♦️I break the effects of chains, programs, fields, bioweapons, artificial intelligences, evil wave forms, holograms, clones, or the effects of any electrical, magnetic, robotic, artificial intelligence.

♦️I destroy these works of darkness whether past, present, future, to infinity and from the beginning, across eternity, including any alternate or counterfeit creations, in time, out of time, forward and backwards in every direction, inside out, upside down, back and forth, reversed, inverted, vortexed.

Sleeping Prayer:

🔷 In the Name of Jesus, I speak to every curse, hex, vex, spell, incantation, voodoo, sorcery, form of witchcraft, dark art, enchantment, smote, or other form of weaponized demonic activity.

🔷 I cancel every form of mind-to mind communication, dream manipulation, and all other forms of psychic and telepathic intrusion.

🔷 I block them all in the name of Jesus.

🔷 Inspire my dreams by your Holy Spirit.

🔷 Protect me from any trouble, any invasion, any disturbance of any kind for any source.

🔶 Read Psalm 91 in your favorite translation nightly and try to memorize it.

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