Commonly Seen Patterns of Oppression

Habits and Inner Life:
1. Temptations growing in strength
2. Decision to sin
3. Habitual sin
4. Loss of control
5. Demonic bondage
6. Demonic infestation
Strongholds Growing – A commonly seen pattern
1. Sin (such as fear of something)
2. Sin Habit Forms (fearful of various things)
3. Stronghold (sin tumor – fearful of many things)
4. Strongman in the Stronghold (Bondage – fearful of everything)
5. Soul: Mind, Will, Memories, Emotions
(fear now a part of personality)
6. Fragmented Soul: Personality is fragmented
and has deep demonic strongholds.
Degrees of Oppression
1. Mild to moderate spiritual attack, but able to repel attacks
2. Mild Oppression
3. Oppression
4. Mild Demonization
5. Severe Demonization – This means that one or more areas of the person’s life can be, for all practical purposes, out of control. Common examples are an alcoholic who cannot
control their addiction to alcohol, or a parent who abuses
their child in some way. Even so, these people can be delivered, though it is usually a more lengthy process.
Even so, all of these situations can be helped and people set free. Contact us, we are ready to help.

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