Dealing With Rejection

One of the most common problems that we encounter in the ministry of inner healing and deliverance is rejection.

Background – Rejection is an experience that impacts a person’s life when they are not accepted and loved by those who should be giving acceptance and love. It can also develop from an atmosphere of cruelty, abuse or excessive criticism.

Rejection negatively impacts a person’s self-image, resulting in serious difficulties in relationships with both God and with other people.


Rejection can develop in connection with the manner or timing of conception or birth, failure to bond to one’s mother, being an adopted child, hurtful school experiences (teachers/kids), self rejection due to one’s own attitudes, criticism or ridicule.


Signs of rejection can include: rejection of others; harshness, hardness; unbelief; stubbornness, rebellion, low self image, insecurity, difficulty communicating, fear, depression, pessimism, double mindedness, guilt/shame, perfectionism, indecision, passivity, confusion, witchcraft and sexual perversions.


Ministry Tips: We explain how rejection develops, how it affects people, how it allows demons to afflict people. You may need to explore any overlap with trauma, if present. We demonstrate the love of Christ so that the person receiving ministry feels loved and accepted. This is critical since many victims of rejection are quite sensitive and easily hurt. We share from Scripture, explaining God’s love and acceptance and dealing specifically with any misunderstandings of God’s love, grace, mercy.


We may need to discuss past experiences with the person receiving ministry. We may need to help them with forgiving others, releasing judgments, releasing illegitimate feelings of guilt, or other issues. We pray for them, asking the Lord to heal any wounds and memories that are causing them pain.


We send away the spirit of rejection, and all spirits working with it. Spirits most commonly seen are: double mindedness, lust, perversion, insecurity, inferiority, pride, depression, perfectionism; guilt, shame, confusion; fear, paranoia, indecision, passivity; unbelief, witchcraft and mind control. Others include resentment, bitterness, hatred, defeat, suicide, death, anxiety.


Rejection is very commonly seen in Christians, but with caring prayer and experienced ministry many can be helped and set free to give and receive love, to develop healthy relationships and to minister to others.


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  1. Is your ministry still active? I’d like to inquire about your deliverance ministry, and I sent an e-mail but got no reply.

    Thank you for all of the information on your site and your YouTube channel.

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