Disconnect Prayer

I separate from and sever all ungodly ties to: Family, friends, pets, authority figures including parents and other relatives or care givers, childcare or babysitters, teachers and coaches, spiritual leaders, employers, governmental, law enforcement or military personnel; doctors, nurses or other medical personnel and surgeries or other procedures or hospital stays.

I disconnect from all spiritual, emotional, physical or sexual abusers, all sexual partners or encounters and exposure to and participation in pornography and perversion in all its forms.

I let go of the influence of fellow workers, classmates, team members, sports and partying relationships and thrill seeking, as well as chat room and social media connects; internet, cellphone, gaming, entertainment, movie, TV and music dependencies; fascination with celebrities and leaders, news and information.

I disconnect from all unhealthy reliance on work, sex, food, alcohol, smoking, illegal, prescription or over the counter drugs, overspending, appearance, possessions, social and economic position and education.

I renounce all ungodly ties to New Age and Eastern religions and philosophies, martial arts, astrology, psychics, occult practices and witchcraft in all its forms; atheism, agnosticism, Gnosticism and humanism as well as secret societies and clubs including the Masonic.

I disconnect from all ungodly impartations and defilements that have come through the laying on of hands, word curses, sound frequencies, or visual images that have been seen or heard or subliminally transferred.

Father, please disconnect me from any ungodly connection or trauma bonds to accidents, procedures, ceremonies, dedications, violence, fearful, shaming or painful memories associated with people, places, land, buildings or occurrences in or outside of time.

I ask that all connections or trauma bonds created and opened between myself and all people, places, things, and occurrences would now be disconnected; all spiritual doors would be closed and locked and all negative effects canceled.

Jesus, I ask that You would return to me all parts of my spirit or soul that were taken and trapped in any spiritual or imagination realms or dimensions, cleanse them with Your Blood, realign and re-consecrate them so that I can be the one person, spirit, soul, and body that I was created to be with nothing added or removed without Your permission.

I now disconnect from and release back to where they came from all portions of any other person’s spirit, soul, body or belief systems that have attached to me.

I sever all attachment to and reliance on those people, places, things, times, memories, images and the beliefs and spiritual powers and ties associated with them.

I declare that no permanent connection with them or influence from them can any longer effect my life outside of the will of God.

I am now freed from all obligation or responsibility to fulfill any dictates created by those false beliefs’ tyranny in my life.

I thank You, Lord, for cleansing all the elements and aspects of my God created Being from defilement received through my life’s interaction with people, places, things and occurrences in time.

I apply the work of the Blood of Christ’s Cross as a seal over all the spiritual doors and windows connected to my life.

I receive back all spiritual and legal rights to my God-created identity with its one-of-a-kind design and image and my individual unique voiceprint.

I claim and receive the Restoration of all Intellectual, Financial, Creative and Spiritual ‘Properties” and any patents resulting from the originality and creativity that was given by the Creator to me and/or my family line with clear title, no infringements remaining and all accrued interest repayable.

I claim the restoration of lands and other physical properties and wealth lost by me or by my family line.

I thank You, Lord, for the renewing of my mind through the power of Your Spirit. I thank You, Holy Spirit, for re-downloading and activating the Father’s original design into my spirit, soul and body now and reformatting and recalibrating my entire being to synchronize with Father’s perfect timing and plan for my life.

I now surrender all the keys of authority, ownership and permission pertaining to my life and personhood to the care and authority of Jesus Christ. As I commit to do Your will, Father, I ask that Your Spirit will daily empower me to remain under the Grace of the Redemptive power of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ so that the enemy can no longer have a place to hinder Your calling and destiny for my life.

In Jesus name,



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