Does the Bible Give Names to Demons?

Many people are not aware that the Scriptures record names for demons and other spirits. This is above and beyond those that he Holy Spirit reveals to us.

When you carefully study Scripture it will be seen that spirits / demons are named in both Old & New Testaments, and I will list some below.

Deaf & dumb spirit, Mark 9:25

Spirit of infirmity – Luke 13:11
Spirit of divination (Python) Acts 16:16
Spirit of fear 2 Tim. 1:7
Spirit of bondage Rom. 8:15
Antichrist spirit 1 John 4:3
Spirit of heaviness (depression) Isa. 61:3

1 thought on “Does the Bible Give Names to Demons?”

  1. Do you have any input on the spirit of Agag? It is one that has attached itself to someone I know and showed itself to me this evening. I need help.

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