Entry Points – Nuggets From Our Upcoming Workshop

Entry points, sometimes called open doors, allow demonic influence or oppression to start, and can continue until they are dealt with. Here are some perspectives from a few practitioners:

Marc Carrier – In our experiences the gatekeeper or portal to demonic attack is nearly always from emotional trauma, associated with a soul wound, and 90 percent of the time
is either fear, insecurity, rejection, or unforgiveness. The last 10 percent is typical doubt or confusion.

Dr. Arlin Epperson: Sins (attitudes, behaviors), Unforgiveness, Judgment and Accusation, Bitterness, Soul ties, Occult, Curses, Generational Influences, Vows, Hurts, Memories, Rejection, Trauma

Bethel Sozo: The Four Doors that they look closely at are:
Hatred/bitterness, Occult, Sexual sin and shame, and Fear

Charles Kraft – Shame, Guilt, Deception, Lying spirits

John Eckhardt:  Sin; Occult, Substance abuse, Media; Curses; Passivity, mind control, domination; Tragedies, accidents, traumas; Soul ties;

We will deal with these at our workshop in Agawam, MA this Saturday.


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