Freedom! Freedom!

On the Fourth of July, many believers give thanks for the social and political freedoms we enjoy in the USA. Social and political freedoms are a huge blessing that I would not want to live without. Many people have made huge sacrifices for this to happen, and to continue, and we are grateful for all of this. But as our Lord Jesus Christ said, our kingdom is not of this world.

It seems to us that God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ made a greater sacrifice for a greater freedom from a greater bondage than that which we see in any political or social oppression.

Demonic oppression affects people and churches more deeply and intensely than any political oppression, and only the sacrificial life, death, resurrection and ascension of Christ could give us the opportunity to be truly free.

Our ministry exists to help people understand, deal with, and become free from various kinds bondages, whether mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or demonic. Further, we help others to develop skills that can enable them to set others free.

We do not use or teach formulas or pat techniques. We use and teach principles from the Bible, and incorporate best practices from those who are seeing many people set free.

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