Healing + Deliverance With Little Time

We do much of our ministry after speaking by phone with someone who wants help, and arranging a convenient time to address issues in depth. But we have friends who minister in situations where they rarely have the time or privacy for extended discussion.

This post will cover some approaches that we have used in these situations, and can be adapted to almost any situation where there might be a lack of time or other ideal conditions for more extended ministry.

We will usually start praying about whatever issues the person asks us to help with. We will follow what the Holy Spirit is saying as to whether to use prayer, authoritative commands, Bible verses, binding / loosing, or some combination of these.

As we listen to the Spirit, we might address some physical, emotional, relational, physical, or financial situation – (the N.T. Greek word usually translated infirmity or weakness is used in Acts 20:35 to refer to financial need). We may, if God leads, attempt to break off any curses or witchcraft attacks that we feel might be involved.

If we see or sense that the situation is not changing, we might address things along the lines of deliverance by asking the Holy Spirit to show us if there is a spirit that is causing a problem. If no word comes to us we may, as God leads, briefly and carefully ask a few questions if they seem pertinent and advisable in the situation.

Here are a few that can be very helpful, and which address some of the more important and frequently seen deliverance issues that impede healing. They can be used or adapted to the situation you have in front of you.

1] Are you aware of having any troubled or painful relationships, where there is stress, anger or possibly unforgiveness?

2] Are you aware of any places in your life were the Lord is asking you to change, and you are finding that difficult? Can you think of an area where you might not be listening to the Holy Spirit?

3] Do you ever feel as though you are dealing with feelings of fear, stress, or negative feelings towards yourself or others?

4] Have you ever been hurt or experienced a hard situation that still affects you in some way today?

These questions address most of the issues seen in deliverance (anger, bitterness, trauma, sin, unforgiveness, rejection, fear) and dealing carefully discerningly with what the person tells you can release healing and freedom right away. What are your thoughts?

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