How Did Our Ministry Start?

Our first blog post will deal with the background of our ministry. Last summer Nancie and I were spending lots of time in prayer, much of it praying daily through the book of Psalms, which we were frequently experiencing as a setting for spiritual warfare. After of months of prayer, we were sensing God speaking to us. We had been a talking lot about healing and deliverance, and sharing our experiences. We’d had different kinds of training and influences, and both had experience with serving in other countries and cultures.

As we prayed and talked more about this, we knew that we were being prepared to start praying for others as a couple. God started to bring people to us who needed inner healing and deliverance, and we watched God bless those that we prayed for. At the same time, we felt very strongly that we were to be ready to help train others to get started in deliverance, and we started to develop teaching and training materials for them.

As we talked with people about how God was preparing us to train others, we were approached for help in getting started in deliverance. We are spending the summer in Connecticut, putting together plans for some workshops and meetings, and we are excited to see where God will lead us. Please feel free to email us with any questions.

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