How Do People Become Afflicted? What Can We Do? Part 1

In this series we will look at various issues that affect how some people have become subject to various afflictions of body, soul and spirit. We could call these sickness, disease, infirmity, mood and thought disorders, or oppression.

Let us start with a healthy person, we’ll call him Dave. He is healthy and enjoying life. This is God’s normal, and God’s best. So far, so good. But there are certain factors that can affect Dave’s life, and can lead to afflictions of body, soul or spirit.

Many writers and practitioners have come to call these factors open doors or entry points. Entry points are factors that allow for, or can lead to, demonic activity that can lead to various kids of afflictions. Some of the better known are issues like sin, anger and bitterness, unforgiveness, trauma, exposure to the occult, and curses. We can see them as risk factors for developing various afflictions over time.

These factors usually work invisibly and subtly, and can distort the normal workings of our minds and bodies, leading to various troubles. They can also leave one open to the workings of the Enemy, who can bring sickness, affliction, troubled thoughts and emotions or outright bondage.

So let’s go back to Dave… Dave has had a rough time with his father his whole life. Over the years he has accumulated a lot of negative thoughts and feelings, and this has led to bitterness and blame towards his father. Anger and bitterness are well known as risk factors (entry points) for various physical, mental, emotional and spiritual afflictions, similar to how heavy consumption of complex carbs can put one at increased risk for Type 2 diabetes. Happily for Dave, inner healing and deliverance can help him to be restored to good health.

In this series we will look at the nature and effects of various spiritual risk factors, as well as how we may bring healing and wholeness to people, even ones who have given up hope. Your questions and comments are most welcome.


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