How Do People Become Afflicted? What Can We Do? Part 3

A third type of entry point could be looked at as things that have happened to us, whether traumas, curses, abuse, verbal and nonverbal rejection by parents or others, or other hazards. These types of occurrences can damage a person deeply, and provide an opening for demons to enter and start years of oppression and further damage.

Here, healing from the damage can come in the form of dialogue, prayer, listening, understanding, counsel, interaction with Scripture, worship, receiving the grace of God, and most importantly, the ministry of the Holy Spirit. If there are demons still present, they can usually be easily driven away, since the person is no longer damaged and impaired as before.

This description is a very abbreviated and simplified overview of a process than can take hours, days or weeks, but by which many are receiving healing, deliverance and wholeness. A series of blog posts can only give a very rough idea of what we see and what we do, and we welcome questions, comments or emails to (at)

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