How Might We Tell if Someone Needs Deliverance?

There are quite a few clues that can be seen. We can discuss a few of the most important ones here.

We often see compulsive or disorderly thoughts, feelings, habits or words. These can involve addictions, or a state of being confused, double minded or unfocused. Someone who is having trouble staying in the Spirit or staying clear of things that hinder the Spirit.

Other common feelings include restlessness, agitation, or mysterious pains, afflictions and infirmities. Feelings of rejection, unworthiness, insecurity, feeling unconnected and in a fog are often seen.

Any or all of these symptoms can affect anyone, even someone who is born again and desires freedom. Experienced deliverance practitioners have seen all of this and more, even in those who have walked closely with Christ in the past. Those with spiritual discernment can often sense that something is not right, or that the person is not their usual self.

In general, if a few of these symptoms appear, and they are not responsive to repeated prayer, counseling or medical evaluations, it can be wise to consult with a ministry like ours.

We will welcome any inquiry that may result in someone being set free. We minister in grace, keep confidences and do not charge for our ministry.

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