Inner Healing Outline

The following categories are ones that we have found helpful in organizing our flow of thought in a healing and deliverance session, and dealing with areas of need in a way that makes the best use of time.

We generally deal with these before dealing with any demons, since eliminating these strongholds eliminates most of the legal rights that the demons have utilized in order to make trouble. When these are dealt with, the actual deliverance usually is not too difficult. We go more or less in this order, always being flexible and discerning. This outline reflects how Nancie and I approach and organize this segment of the session.

Confession and renunciation of any personal sin, and prayer for healing as needed.

Forgiveness of self and others, with expressions of love, release and blessing as needed.

Dealing with any involvement in witchcraft, the occult, false religions, etc. Confession, forsaking and renunciation of all involvement, breaking ties and agreements.

Generational Issues – Forgive and release ancestors and other relatives for the effects that their sins have had on us. Confession and renunciation of any tendencies in ourselves towards sins committed by ancestors. Breaking of soul ties and spiritual effects from these people and their sins. Take note of any family patterns of sin, addiction, or other pertinent dynamics and handle as needed.

Soul ties – breaking and severing all soul ties with others coming from sexual activities outside of marriage. Same for any other types of relationships that were characterized by unhealthy control or influence. These could be relationships developed through business, family or church. See our earlier post on soul ties from September 19, 2019.

Breaking of curses coming from self or others. These can be witchcraft curses, or word curses uttered by ourselves or others.

Prayer for healing from hurt, trauma or other areas of victimization that have arisen in the past. This can take place at any time, as God reveals needs for healing. It is important to take all the time necessary for listening and giving the love of the Father.

Once these areas are dealt with, deliverance usually goes fairly smoothly, since the footholds in a person’s life used by the demons to remain in a person’s life have not been taken away. Nancie usually makes a separate list of demons that appear to be present and other demonic strongholds to be addressed right after the inner healing segment of the session.

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