I have been studying the spirit of Jezebel for many years now. I do not profess to be an expert on her, but I have learned a few things and collected a lot of information from other prominent writers. I would like to share one list from Nelson Schuman. This will help you identify if you, or someone you know is under the influence of this wicked spirit.

Are you or someone you know;

• – Controlling (they feel if they control other people then they will never be hurt again)
• – Manipulative
• – Anxious / Fearful
• – Jealous
• – Demanding
• – Selfish
• – Sexually impure & selfish and will control their spouse if they don’t do what they want through cutting them off
• – Lies
• – Desire for power and leadership
• – Wants to shut down true Holy Spirit
• – More dominant
• – Intimidates
• – They act assured but are very insecure
• – Cannot stand to be told no
• – Loves to provoke people until they get /angry and then blame them
• – Enjoys starting arguments
• – Constant chatter in the mind
• – They tell you do something but get mad at you when you don’t to it exactly as they would.

Think about it…pray about it…ask the Lord to open your eyes. Many people are greatly influenced by this spirit and don’t realize it. As Apostle Jonas Clark always says, you can’t come out if what you don’t know. Be informed.


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