Labor Room Trauma – A Door for Demons

When we minister to children, understanding traumatic events that happened during the mothers’ pregnancy or during the actual birth is essential for effective deliverance.

A mother concerned about her four-year-old son’s fearful behavior came into the office looking for answers.

Everything seemed to frighten him. When I asked her about traumatic events in her life, she stated, “I spent most of my pregnancy scared to death.”

Soon after she became pregnant, her husband accepted a job requiring him to travel and spend many nights each week away from home. She felt abandoned, angry, and afraid.

When I asked her about the birth of her son, she exclaimed, “Oh, it was horrible. My mother was in the birthing room, screaming hysterically. She thought I was dying when my blood pressure dropped and I passed out. The first sounds my son heard were her screaming in fear for my life!”

As she retold the story, I could hear the doors for the fear opening. Her fear during pregnancy and the trauma her mother caused in labor and delivery had transferred to her son.

With that information, I was able to minister more effectively to the child by breaking ungodly soul ties with all involved, having the mother proclaim forgiveness towards her husband and mother, and then calling out the spirits associated with those events. The ministry result was very positive!

Revelation 12 tells us the enemy waits to snatch the child at the moment of his birth. From this encounter, I could see how demons of fear were operating in the mother to get to the son.

A Personal Story of Labor Room Trauma

I believe my mother and sister had a similar experience on the day of my sister’s birth. She was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. The doctors spoke their fears of strangulation while they worked to deliver my sister. A birth assignment was activated that day, and although my sister survived her birth, she died on her first birthday of strangulation from the cord on her nightgown.

Words during pregnancy or in the delivery room can open the door to demonic torment. Blessings and curses are in the tongue. (Prov. 18:2) If you know the assignments released over your children’s birth, you can break them now.

Canceling Birth Assignments and Words

  1. Break any assignment and word curses spoken over your child while in your womb or during delivery.
    “In the name of Jesus, I break the power of any word curse spoken over my child specifically (List curses and who spoke them). I cancel the assignment of every spirit upon my child from these curses and declare they have no hold over them in Jesus’ name.”
  2. Break the ungodly soul ties with those used to set this assignment.
    “Thank you, Jesus, for dying that my child might be set free. I break and sever every ungodly soul tie between my child and (name each person involved that caused trauma during pregnancy or birth). I now use the authority I have in Jesus Christ and command all demon spirits to have no further right over my child through these relationships in the Name of Jesus.”�
  3. Declare the prophetic destiny over your child. It is usually the opposite of what the enemy is using to torment them. If they walk in fear, begin declaring courage and strength. If they walk in rebellion, speak the Godly warrior mantle over them and so on.


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