May 2023 Ministry Update – New Initiatives

After years of intensive deliverance work, we have recently taken some sabbatical time to step back, pray, seek the Lord, and re-examine our entire approach to ministry. We are making some changes that will allow us to help more people than before.

Firstly, we have decided that it is time for us to retire from working face to face with individuals. There are many other ministries that are doing this work, we are sensing very strong direction from the Lord to focus more on equipping, something which we’ve actually been doing all along.

We have been praying & studying very intensively for months, and we feel that God has been helping us to get a deeper understanding of the nature of spiritual warfare, and we are ready to start passing on what we’ve learned to others.

We are working on producing content that will help people understand the nature of the spiritual battle we are in, to fight more effectively, and to help others. This continues a focus that we’ve had for over a year.

Those who’ve followed us for some time will know that the name of our ministry actually refers to an equipping process by which we help people to acquire or add to their skills in warfare and deliverance so there are more people actively working to set others free.

Here are a few areas where we will be rolling out new content:

>> Demonology, starting in Genesis + going to Revelation

>> In depth studies of biblical passages like Psalm 91

>> Specific guidance for different Spiritual warfare situations

>> Introducing new materials for you to do your own study,
including extrabiblical materials like The Book of Enoch

>> New prayer videos

We are very grateful to God for all those who’ve encouraged us and prayed for us, and we’d ask you to continue to pray for us. The battle continues to be very fierce. Thank you.

1 thought on “May 2023 Ministry Update – New Initiatives”

  1. I praise the Lord for leading me to this very anointed website with the powerful prayers. It helped to understand the answers that I was praying regarding my situations. I found the answers in your website. God bless your ministry. Yes take a well deserved Sabbatical and looking forward for your new content. How can I support your ministry?

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