Ministry Status Report – Multiplying Freedom Ministries

This is a brief status report on what has been going on since we last wrote some months ago. Your questions are always welcome, and your prayers are valued.

After six months in temporary housing, we have finally moved into our house in West Palm Beach, Florida. We’ll be adjusting to this new venue for some years to come. We thank all those who’ve been praying for us.

While traveling and moving, we have been helping others through email correspondence, making use of the materials on our website and YouTube page, alongside the advice the Lord gives us.

We are hearing from people around the world thanking us for the help that has come to them via these materials. As Paul said, we have worked hard, yet ultimately the results came from the grace of God that is with us. We give thanks to God.

At this point we don’t have plans to resume regular live Zoom meetings, though we are praying about that for the future. Our next media outreach will probably be to resume making videos for our YouTube page.

Nancie has been uploading many documents to our website, and we encourage you to visit there are often as you can.

We are praying over many possibilities for more outreach, including live in-person meetings in Palm Beach County. We’d value your prayers, and please do feel free to write to us with any questions or suggestions. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement.

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