Multiplying Freedom Ministries (MFM) – Overview 2020

We continue to experience a season of acceleration, and we wanted to update some of our friends about how things are developing.

MFM is often thought of as a deliverance ministry, and though deliverance is a significant part of our work, we focus on bringing healing to the whole person who comes to us for help. We have also developed a significant training component, since we desire to see workers raised up and sent into the harvest (Luke 10:2)

We currently provide personal ministry to troubled individuals in sessions conducted both face to face and on the Zoom platform. Zoom allows us to minster to those who have no local ministry that serves their needs. We have helped people from around the country as well as from Europe, Africa and Australia. We aim to understand the overall condition of the whole person who approaches us for help. Not just evicting demonic oppressors or the healing of physical afflictions, but we look at the whole person, and ask ourselves and the Lord, “What can we do to help this person to be made completely whole, able to give and receive love, able to be a positive witness to the transforming power of Christ?”

We start with an in depth discussion that allows us to get to know each other and develop trust and rapport. We usually spend two to three hours at the first session, where we have assembled a small team to pray and work with us, as well as asking intercessors to cover us in prayer. The actual ministry time covers areas such as confession of sin, renunciation of any past occult involvement, forgiveness of self and others, and dealing with soul ties or generational issues that may be present.

We usually spend time praying over traumas, hurts or other emotional wounds that can impede or block healing, wholeness and freedom from spiritual oppression. The person usually looks and sounds very much better by this point, and usually feels a good deal of freedom and restoration, and we have not even started ‘the deliverance part’ yet.

Once we take care of these areas, we usually have a good idea of what spirits are involved, and the actual deliverance process usually goes pretty smoothly, as we evict any demonic entities that the Holy Spirit shows us. We always approach everything with grace and compassion, so that the person always senses the love of the Father. Emotional and spiritual healings appear in different ways, and memories and social encounters no longer arouse resentments or pain. The person is usually better physically too, though sometimes physical healing takes a while to show up. Sometimes future sessions are needed, as new areas of need are identified over time.

A very important part of our approach is follow up. We strongly stress that lasting wholeness is only possible if the person is being faithfully discipled, or otherwise receiving quality pastoral care. We give the people we help practical materials for prayer and study, and we stay in touch. We strongly encourage them to make use of small groups or any sort of supportive ministry that is available at their church. We also maintain a live online support group on Zoom for those we have ministered to, so that they may have access to group encouragement, support and prayer.

We are teaching free online classes on Mondays at 8 PM EST and Wednesdays at 2 PM EST, the latter by request from Europe. The recordings from these classes are posted on our YouTube channel. We are always open to teaching classes or workshops for churches and other groups, either in person or via Zoom. Our Facebook group, Deliverance Help and Discussion, provides a forum for exchange of ideas and practical help, as well as housing many free materials.

We are sometimes asked about how to give to our work. Our PayPal link, makes things easy. A giver using that link will see a photo of Nancie and note that a transfer will go to “GSJ Inc.” which is the name on the bank account we use. Our ministry is not a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, so there is no tax deductibility connected with such giving. There are two main reasons that we have decided against pursuing this status at this point.

[1] There is a lot of expense and legal work involved in the initial setup, and a high administrative burden in the maintenance of these legal entities. We prefer to put our limited time and energy into ministry rather than administration. [2] We are not very comfortable placing ourselves in a position where our work is evaluated and regulated by government officials who have sweeping powers to make trouble for us if desired. Today’s uncertain political and social climate leaves us reluctant to add these kinds of risks to follow and consider.

We are so thankful for our friends who encourage and pray for us, and show trust by referring others to us for counsel and help. We have a strong presence on Facebook. Join us there! Links below.

Thanks for your time and interest,

Bruce and Nancie Gordon

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