Nuggets From Our Upcoming Free Seminar

We are presenting an interactive workshop on deliverance on August 17th, and for the next week I will blog on various topics that we will discuss then. Today we will look at habits and attitudes that bring freedom.

Spiritual and lifestyle factors affect how well we respond and stay free after deliverance.
It is not a ‘one and done’ type of situation. A deliverance session is very important,
but it is only a start.

Deliverance is a process that ideally combines spiritual warfare, inner healing, casting out demons, and aftercare like spiritual disciplines, discipleship and pastoral care.

Our ministry addresses all of those aspects of spiritual life. We have noticed that there are important factors that affect whether a person will get completely free and stay free:

Understanding and application of spiritual warfare principles

Willingness to clean house and cut any ties with darkness

Willingness to fight and resist the enemy

Willingness to change any habit or attitude to maintain freedom

Devotion to holiness

Vigilance Re: words, habits, thoughts, activities, etc.

Taking responsibility for one’s spiritual health and freedom

Obedience to the teachings of Christ and the voice of the Holy Spirit

Proper self-care: Healthy habits relating to food, exercise, sleep, stress

Where these are present, maintaining freedom is much more likely.


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