Prayer Against the Spirit of Betrayal

Thank You, Lord, for delivering me from the enemies in my midst. 

The spirit of Judas is hung on a tree in the Spirit, in the name of Jesus. I bind the bag of Judas, which carries death to relationships, betrayal, envy, jealousy, strife, and greed. The dagger of the demon released to stab God’s anointed in the back is broken. I send confusion to the spirit that gives aid or information to strong enemies against my purpose. I plead the blood of Jesus over every treasonous relationship, violation of trust, false allegiance, part-time friendship, or breach in covenant set against me. I break the power of all witchcraft to include octopus alliances against the mind, crab spirits that pull down and oppress, or caging incantations that cause confusion. 

I decree that my feet are anointed just as Jesus’s feet were before He faced His Judas attack. No weapons formed against me will prosper. Every evil confederacy and conspiracy meeting against me behind dark doors will fail. Every negative confession or evil decree made on my behalf will get stuck in the demonic gateways and never prevail. 

The spirit of schism cannot operate in my midst. Every spirit of division will be broken by the spirit of communion. As those whom God causes me to knit with walk in Godly communion, all divisiveness will be identified and separated from our midst. The spirit of paradidomi (betrayal) will not deliver my associates and me to prison. Liberty and fellowship walk strongly in our camp. All relationships in our midst are cleansed, purged, and made pure. Backstabbing, backbiting, gossip, lies, underhandedness, and undermining spirits are bound up and off of me in Jesus’s name. The heels of my associates and myself are anointed. I will not trip, stumble, or offend unto failure in my purpose. 

The spirit of unity is in my camp. Agreement is the foundation of the vision. I declare agreement that will release prosperity and cause the blessings of the Lord to be loosed. One person will put a thousand demons to flight. Two people will put ten thousand demons to flight, and a threefold cord is not easily broken. Those whom God causes to yoke with me will form a circuit in the Spirit so that the flow of the Holy Ghost will be loosed in the earth. This flow will come against all negative attempts of the enemy to spoil my relationships and assignments. The only betrayals that will prosper against me will be for God’s purpose. Just as Judas’s purpose was to get Jesus to the cross, the purpose of my strong enemies will deliver me to my destination in life. 

God, I thank You for connecting me with people who are like-minded, walk in harmony, and love Jesus. I thank You for the anointing of being jointly fit together so that the fivefold ministry purpose of God will take us into the perfecting of the saints anointing. I will not be blown to and fro by every wind of doctrine or false teaching. I will speak the truth in love and not allow my differences with others to divide us. Instead, our differences shall bring us closer together. Every arrow that the enemy sends against my relationships will be boomeranged back to the pits of hell. The demons called Screwtape and Wormwood will not mix my words and cause misunderstandings. The unity of the Spirit is so strong that every joint of the vision is supplying its part. INCREASE IS MY PORTION, AND THE ARROWW OF THE SPIRIT OF BETRAYAL ARE BROKEN AND INEFFECTIVE FOREVER. 

In Jesus’ Name…..AMEN!!!!!!!!

By Kimberly Daniels

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