Prayer Against Violent Weather

Violent Weather

We fast, pray and have faith in GOD.

We have the right to use THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST because we are Christians. This gives us the authority to command the weather caused by evil forces.
We bind satanic power of evil weather.

We loose THE POWER OF GOD to bring restoration from violent weather. We bind and take authority over territorial spirits in the second heaven ruling over demonic weather and hurricanes.

We ask the warring angels to destroy the winds, waves and violent weather.

We ask for supernatural protection of GOD’s people, that there would be no injuries or deaths, nor any damage to their homes or property.

We pray for protection of Christians as judgement comes upon America and the world.


We pray a shield of JESUS between the water and the winds, so the spirits of Poseidon, Leviathan, Neptune and Hercules cannot rise up out of the waters, and give strength and acceleration to the spirits of storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, destructive winds and killer winds.

We dispatch Michael and the warring angels into the storm and capture all of the demon spirits to destroy the storm.

We bind the God of the hurricane (name of hurricane). We speak confusion into the mind of the hurricane. We command the hurricane to weaken.

We reverse the curses of witchcraft affecting violent weather.

Prayers and Declarations by Gene Moody from his Prayer Manual

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