Prayer & Declarations For Losing Weight

Did you know that weight loss and overcoming overeating starts with recognizing that you are in a spiritual battle? I post a lot of prayers and declarations. One of the things I am asked most often is “Do you have anything to help with weight loss? This article is my take on spiritual warfare when related to weight loss. I pray it will help you.

Many Christians make the mistake of thinking it is only about eating properly and exercise. I have made that mistake for many years.

Most people would not connect spiritual warfare to dietary change and are therefore unprepared when they come face to face with oppression.

Ask yourself something. Do you think Satan wants you to feel good about yourself? I mean really believing I can do all things in Christ.

Do you think he wants you to have enough self-respect to raise the bar to the level where others start to notice? They may ask some door-opening questions: “You’re looking great, what’s going on?” Do you think Satan wants that? No! He wants Christians defeated and asleep. He wants us so crushed and timid that we are afraid of our own shadow.

Some of the worst warfare I deal with is when trying to lose weight. Satan loves to put fiery darts of failure in your mind.

🎯 You’ve always been fat and you WILL always be fat.

🎯 You don’t really think you will be able to stick this out, do you?

🎯 You’re too old—it’s just not going to happen.

🎯 You are not genetically suited to be thin. You’re wasting your time.

Most Christians struggle between what they know is truth and what the enemy puts in our thoughts. You KNOW you can do all things through Christ, yet the fiery darts of fear and self doubt plague our minds. The Bible calls it the old and new nature.

Can you guess which one Satan speaks to? The devil lives in the shadows of your fears. They are your fears, but he knows how to feed and encourage them. Overcome your fears, and you overcome him. No more shadows to hide in.

Expressing your will over a handful of emotions, assorted voices, and the occasional demon is exhibiting to the heavenly realms that you know your birthright.

Weight loss is going to be work, it’s going to hurt, it’s going to take time, there will be hunger, you are going to fail atvtimes, and there will be spiritual warfare. But God has given us the power to succeed. It’s one thing to say Jesus has set me free; it’s an entirely different message to display freedom in something as challenging as diet and exercise.

First start out with prayer.

Father God,

Thank you for giving me an earthly body to serve You and others. Today, I offer it up to You and ask that You help me in my weight loss journey.

I’ve reached the end of my rope, Lord. I’ve been trying so hard, but my self-control runs out and when I mess up, I just feel like a failure and want to give up.

But you tell us to run with endurance, so I will keep on trying, leaning on Your Almighty strength along the way.

My stretch marks, belly, muffin top, aches and pains, and arm flaps can be so frustrating to me. Let them never distract me from the fact that my body is so very valuable to You.

You created me and You never make mistakes. You lovingly and carefully knit every part of me together. This broken vessel of mine feels weak and embarrassing sometimes, but You created it to be a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Let me always remember the gift that it is and teach me how to care for my body better. 

Lord, I know you will love me whether I am 100 or 500 pounds. You don’t judge me based on my pant size or my outward appearance.

But you care that this extra weight makes life harder with pain, health issues, physical limitations, and so many insecurities. 

Help me to lose this weight, Lord.

Help me to glorify You in my food choices and worship You in my exercise.

I don’t want to view healthy eating and exercise as a punishment. I want to be a good steward of this body, so empower me to reach for foods that will nourish my body and movement that will nurture it…and to genuinely enjoy them as ways to bring glory to You!

God, I don’t want to be a slave to food, giving in to emotional eating and binging on junk food. I want to experience your life-giving freedom, breaking every chain with Your mighty power.

I am a master of beating myself up with guilt after I make a mistake. Remind me to choose grace over guilt so that I can keep moving forward in Your footsteps instead of staying stuck rehashing my failures.

Help me to build a support system in my life that will bring me accountability and encouragement. Let them speak words of life to cheer me on in my successes and support me through the hard days. 

Above all, use these things to draw me nearer to You. My desire is for more of You and less of me. Allow me to rest in the comfort of Your unfailing love and Your new mercies every morning. 

Today, I offer my whole self to You as a living sacrifice.

I love You so much and I pray all of these things in Your Son’s holy name.


If you are really serious about shedding your weight, here are a few of my daily weight loss proclamations. I find it helps me to say it every morning after prayer or before you get out of bed or while you brush your teeth or whatever works the best for you. The main thing is be consistent!

It may work best for you to store it on your phone or have a note stuck to your bathroom mirror and read it aloud in your best fighting voice as you prepare for the day.

Remember, God is ready to encourage you as you lose weight. Ask Him to help you today!

Weight loss confessions:

🔥 I commit to The Lord all that I do & my weight loss plans will succeed – Proverbs 16:3

🔥 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me – Philippians 4:13

🔥 My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, I shall glorify God in my body – 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

🔥 Whether I eat or drink or whatever I do, I do it to the Glory of God 1 Corinthians 10:31

🔥 I confess that my faith is strong & that it is at least as a grain of a mustard seed & when I say to this mountain of weight of (Enter your weight loss goal here) lbs that I am losing, be removed from my body to a yonder place not near me & never to return, it shall be removed in the name of Jesus Christ; nothing shall be impossible to me – Romans 1:17

🔥 I have risen up today for this weight loss is in my hands, I know that God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Angels of God are all supporting me, so I take courage & I do it. I workout well & I eat healthy & not greedily. – Ezra 10:4

🔥 I eat the right carbs & I stay away from the wrong carbs; I eat in small portions & I eat healthy snacks.

🔥 I shall wait upon the LORD for God shall renew my strength concerning me losing (Enter your weight loss goal here) lbs; I am mounted up with wings as eagles; I shall run, and not be weary; and I shall walk, and not faint. – Isaiah 40:31

🔥 I am more valuable; God loves me; I have no fear 1 John 4:18

🔥 No temptation has overtaken me..God is faithful; he will not let me be tempted beyond what I can bear. But when I am tempted, he will also provide a way out so that I can endure it. 1Cor 10:13

Remember, the Lord is ready to help you. If you fail one day, pick yourself up. God’s mercies are new every morning! Forgive yourself and forge ahead to a new day!

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