Prayer for An Unsaved Loved One – Warfare Prayer

Warfare Prayer for An Unsaved Loved One

(Or Saved but In Sin) Son, Daughter, Spouse, Relative, Or Friend


Lord Jesus Christ, I stand in the gap for (name), and counter-petition for their soul and spirit in Your Name, Lord.


I plead the Blood between them and Satan and every evil spirit and work of darkness.


I pray a hedge of protection around them to keep them from the wiles of the enemy.


I pray a hedge of thorns around them to obstruct every path that they would take that is not of you and that would lead them away from you, in order to direct them back in order to know and find You.


I bind Satan, all territorial spirits, every principality, power, ruler of the darkness, wicked spirit in high places, the ruler spirit(s) on assignment against them, all familiar spirits, all curses, hexes, vexes, bewitchments, enchantments, spells, cantrups, ligatures, judgments of witches or warlocks, all assignments, blueprints, plots and designs of Satan, all of his seedings, works, plans and activities against him/her, and all demonic ministrations to his/her thought-life; I take them all captive to Christ and cast them down as vain thoughts and imaginations.


By faith in You, Lord Jesus Christ, I call him/her born-again, sealed by the Holy Spirit, Spirit-filled, healed and delivered from all oppression of the enemy.


Through the ministry of impartation by the spoken word and prayer, I speak into his/her life, strength in the inner man, and I call a clear, unobstructed path cut to his/her heart, mind, soul and spirit;


I bind each and every spirit of (name it) ministering to his/her thoughts and command that they stop ministry now and decree that they must do so for Your Glory, Lord;


I break their powers, communication lines, supply lines, and bind up and off all reinforcements.


I take into captivity all of their seedings, works, plans and activities, and call them all canceled, mad null and void, never seeded, never come to pass, cursed and destroyed at their roots and rendered of no effect in his/her life.


I bind all spirits not of the Holy Spirit, all spirits mentioned or unmentioned, known or unknown, and all of their assignments against him/her and break their powers, also, off of his/her life.

I plead the Blood against all of them.


I loose (name) from Satan, and bind Satan off from the ruler spirit and those above, around and below him, the ruler spirit off from Satan and all above, around and below him, and all below the ruler spirit up and off from Satan and from each other.


I break their powers, plots, and designs.


I take captive to Christ, bind, break, destroy, and loose (name) from all works of evil and witchcraft, and from all workings through blood pacts, blood covenants, or blood sacrifices or curses spoken over, formed against, or directed at him/ her.


I take all of these things into captivity, break them off of their body, mind and spirit, and curse them at the roots, call them cancelled, made null and void, never seeded or completed, never come to pass, cursed and destroyed at their roots and rendered of no effect.


By faith in Jesus’ Name, Father, I dispatch warrior angels and ministering angels to go forth immediately to minister to (name), to protect him/her, to turn the enemy back and drive the enemy out of their life, to retrieve soul-fragments by force, which I call restored to (name) and re-integrated into their soul-life by Your Spirit of power and might of the Holy Spirit.


Father, Jesus said that no man can come to Him unless called by the Father. Please, Father, have compassion upon (name).


Call them to Jesus.


Give them the desire and the Grace to respond and to reach out, that they may have a revelation of Jesus and who He is.


Where there is a heart of stone, Father, give him/her a heart of flesh; soften his/her heart to me, Lord.


Show them Your mercy and compassion and make a way out for them, Father.


Make them to see with the eyes of Your Spirit and to hear with the ears of Your Spirit. Do not withhold any good thing, Father.

Lord Jesus Christ, Your promise to me in Your Word is that my household and I will be saved. Your Word is true. You are not a man that You should lie.


Perform Your Word, Lord, for his/her life and my life, for Your Glory, Lord. You are able to deliver and I know that You will, Lord. Holy Spirit, fall on him/her in a mighty and powerful way.


Lord, I don’t care what I see going on in his/her life. You are bigger and You are greater. I know that I do not need great faith in God. I need only to have faith in a Great God, and that God is You, Lord Jesus Christ, One with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Lord, I walk by faith and not by sight.


I confess and decree ALL of these things that I have prayed, fully accomplished already in the Spirit, Lord, in Your Name and for Your Glory.


I decree that the enemy is already defeated in the life of (name).


I speak to you, Satan and all of your spirits, and I command you and demand that you take your hands off of (name) right now, in Christ Jesus Name.


(Name) is loosed from you in the Name of Jesus.


He is now cordoned off with warrior angels of the Lord Christ Jesus and I decree to you that you cannot and you will not have him/her.


Get your hands off of him/her and do it now.


I curse at the roots every legal ground upon which you try to stand, Satan, and I call them null and void by faith in Jesus’ Name. I


plead and speak the Blood of Jesus which was your defeat at the cross, against every demonic stronghold and call all strongholds in the life of (name), DOWN in Christ Jesus’ Name.


I break all of your control off of the thought-life of (name) and all confusion and witchcraft as well.


By faith, in Jesus’ Name, I decree him/her FREE, BORN-AGAIN, SPIRIT-FILLED, HEALED, SEALED, AND DELIVERED, ALL in Christ Jesus’ Name. Loose him/her, Satan. Let go. Back off, and get out … I decree that you MUST, all in Christ Jesus’ Name.


Father, I thank You that You have already heard and answered these prayers in the Spirit and I give You ALL of the Glory, praise, and thanksgiving, for Your Word is already settled in heaven, Praise to Your Name, Lord Jesus Christ, by which I decree ALL of these prayers already answered in the Spirit, and by trusting faith in You, now call them forth in the natural realm for Your Glory and in Your Holy Name, Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


By Bern Zupano, MD

From Spiritual Warfare Prayers

Copyright ©1999 by Bern Zumpano, M.D

PDF- Warfare Prayer for An Unsaved Loved One


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