Prayer Of Freedom

Lord, let me live each day as free as I can be, so that the next day will be more free than the day before.

Help me to make what you say, what I do.

Thank you for freeing me from sin’s bondage.

I am free because you placed the penalty of sin’s wrath on your Only Begotten Son, so that I might escape the judgment of spiritual death.

Help me to possess your promises and leave no room for evil to dwell, in Your temple, my life.

With Your help, I will face every circumstance with trust and contentment.

I will encounter every adversity with hope and confidence.

I will take each discouragement in stride, knowing that every disparagement is an opportunity for You, to show Your power in my life.

By Your grace, I am free.

By Your power, I shall stay free.

By your constantly Indwelling Presence, I will live free!

In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen

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