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The Psalm verses which particularly address the fruits of taking refuge indicate the following benefits WILL be received:


  1. God’s blessing (Psalm 2:12).
  2. God’s protection (Psalm 5:11).
  3. Deliverance from all who pursue you (Psalm 7: 1).
  4. Destruction upon the evil ones who pursue you (Psalm 11:6-8).
  5. Safety (Psalm 16:1).
  6. His right hand, salvation from the enemy (Psalm 17:7).
  7. Jesus becomes your shield, your stronghold and the (horn) authority of your salvation, your rock, your fortress, your deliverer, who saves you from your enemies (Psalm 18:2, 3).
  8. God shields (Psalm 18:30).
  9. Jesus rescues you, guards your life, and prevents your being put to shame (Psalm 25:20).
  10. Jesus hides you from the designs or intrigues of men and protects you and keeps you safe from accusing tongues (Psalm 31:19, 20).
  11. Jesus delivers and saves you from evil men (Psalm 37:40).
  12. Jesus keeps you protected until the disaster passes (Psalm 57: 1).
  13. You receive the Lord’s inheritance and eternal life with Him (Psalm 61:4).
  14. It brings joy and praise (Psalm 64: 10).
  15. Jesus will repay and destroy the evildoer who come against you (Psalm 94:22).
  16. Taking refuge brings greater blessing than trust in man or princes (Psalm 118:8, 9).
  17. It protects you from death and the snares or plans of the enemy (including your enemies) (Psalm 141:8).
  18. You will move Jesus to subdue people under you (Psalm 144:2).
  19. Enemies shall be made ashamed and turn back in sudden disgrace (Psalm 6:10).
  20. You are kept safe and your lot is made secure (Psalm 16:1, 5).
  21. Your enemies will be overtaken by you and turned back. You are saved from those too strong for you and those who hate you; Jesus answers when you cry for help (Psalm 18:3, 6, 17, 37, 40).
  22. Jesus saves those who take refuge at His right hand, from their enemies (Psalm 17:7).
  23. They trust and are delivered (Psalm 22:4, 5).
  24. Those who take refuge trust and are not put to shame and their enemies do not exalt over them (Psalm 25:1, 2).
  25. Your enemies and adversaries will stumble and fall (Psalm 27:1, 2).
  26. Jesus will hide you in His tabernacle in the day of trouble and lift you upon a rock; you will not be delivered over to the desire of your adversaries or false witnesses or the violent; your head will be lifted up above your enemies (Psalm 27:5, 6, 12).
  27. You are helped and healed; your enemies are not be permitted to rejoice over you; you receive His favor for a lifetime (Psalm 30:1, 2, 5).
  28. You are helped when your heart trusts in Him; He is a saving defense to His anointed (Psalm 27:7,8).
  29. You are quickly rescued and freed from the trap that the enemy or your enemies have secretly laid for you and you are not put to shame. You are saved from their conspiracies (Psalm 31:1, 2, 4, 17, 20)
  30. You are delivered from all your fears and out of all your troubles. Jesus hears and responds when you call. He encamps around you. You shall not be in want of any good thing (Psalm 32: 4, 6, 7, 10, 17, 19).
  31. If you take refuge in the Lord, you will not be condemned (Psalm 34:22).
  32. He will contend with those who contend with you and fight against those who fight against you. He will cause them-to turn back and bring shame, humiliation, and dishonor upon them (Psalm 35:1, 4).
  33. Jesus will uphold you in your integrity; you will know that He is pleased with you because you enemy does not shout in triumph over you (Psalm 41:11).
  34. Jesus says that He will rescue when you call and will honor you (Psalm 50:15).
  35. When you take refuge in the Lord Jesus Christ, you are delivered from all trouble and He will recompense the evil or slander of your enemies and cause your eyes to look in triumph (satisfaction) upon them and you will give thanks to His Name (Psalm 54:5, 6, 7).
  36. When you take refuge in the Lord, you are saved and your soul is redeemed in peace from the battle which is against you. You cast your burden upon the Lord and He sustains you and never allows you to be shaken (Psalm 55:16, 17, 18, 22)
  37. The enemy will turn back in the day when you call upon the Lord (Psalm 56:9)
  38. God will accomplish all things for you when you call upon Him; He will send from heaven and save you. He will rebuke and reproach those who trample or hotly pursue you (Psalm 57:2, 3).


One can see from this list of thirty-eight blessings that the Lord will bestow upon those who take refuge in Him, that there are few of us, if any, who do not have need to take refuge!


When you need to stop the enemy dead in his tracks and cause him to be turned back, defeated, and his works destroyed, speak a prayer of refuge after binding and loosing Satan, the ruler spirits (and in certain circumstances, territorial spirits), and all spirits not of the Holy Spirit.

Pray something like this:


  • “Lord Jesus Christ, in Your Holy Name I take refuge at Your right hand and at Your right side.


  • Your Word says, Lord Jesus Christ, and when I take refuge in You that the enemy is turned back, rebuked, and his works are destroyed.


  • Your Word says that when I take refuge in You, that I will not be delivered over to the desires of my adversaries or those who would destroy me or cause me to be put to shame.


  • Your Word says, Lord Jesus Christ, that if I take refuge in You, that I am delivered out of all of my troubles and that I am kept safe and secure and protected from death and from the snares, intrigues, and designs of my enemies.


  • “I take refuge in You Lord Jesus Christ this day and every day to come and I believe and receive Your Word and what Your Word says about my circumstances because Your Word is true.


  • I decree all the promises of Your refuge scripture as accomplished and come to pass in my life, by trusting faith in Your Name, Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”




By Bern Zupano, MD

From Spiritual Warfare Prayers

Copyright ©1999 by Bern Zumpano, M.D


PDF- Prayer of Refuge – Warfare Prayer

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