Prayer of Release from the Multi-Dimensional Zodiac System

Lord Jesus,

🔷 I renounce and repent for myself and all those in my family line, back to the beginning of time and from Adam and Eve forward, who entered into sexual sin and/or engaged in sex outside of marriage which appears to cause your design for the Mazzaroth to go out of alignment.

🔷 I acknowledge that this has prevented the blessings of the Lord from correctly coming down the family line and being dispersed among the stars.

🔷 I acknowledge that the enemy has used this energy for nefarious purposes rather than for the purposes of the Lord.

🔷 Please lord, disconnect me and my family line from these dimensional zodiacs. Lord, rightly connect me to the dimensional Mazzaroth[1] in righteous alignment that extends throughout Your dimensional creation.

🔷 Lord, I repent for ungodly joining to any other person or thing that has interfered with my righteous joining to You.

🔷 Please remove all misalignment and ungodly joining, and join me to You so that I am no longer fractured and am one, complete spirit.

🔷 Please align me to You and establish my paths to align with Your Ancient Path. Lord please make this path straight so that Your life flows through me.

🔷 In the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of His blood, I renounce and repent for all evil that has caused my family line and me to be disconnected from both the land and the God-given electromagnetic fields of the earth.

🔷 Father, forgive us for committing sexual sin on the lands in which you have positioned us.

🔷 I repent for giving our hearts over to the enemy and allowing him to gain control over the electromagnetic fields, thus allowing him to ravish our hearts to the point where they are not connected to Your heart.

🔷 Forgive us for allowing the enemy to usurp Your glory, and for giving the enemy the worship he longs to receive.

🔷 Father, I repent and ask Your forgiveness for any ungodly trading, and for seeking prosperity and protection from anyone or anything other than You.

🔷 I confess that You are the source, but we have sought these things from the enemy through ungodly trading.

🔷 I also renounce and repent for placing our security in the desires of our flesh rather than in You.

🔷 Father, forgive us for sacrificing our children through our selfish desires and for contaminating the land with their blood.

🔷 Lord forgive us for aborting children, as well as for shedding their innocent blood and sacrificing children in the fires of Moloch.[2]

🔷 Please retrieve all scattered spirit and soul parts entrapped in the ungodly depth, ungodly deep, and the dimensions within dimensions.

🔷 Sever all connections between the ungodly star, Rephan,[3] and us.

🔷 Please disconnect me from all ungodly dimensional zodiacs that has been affecting the electromagnetic fields.

🔷 Please disconnect my heart from every ungodly star, star system and constellation where I have been entrapped.

🙏 Lord, please:

  • Forgive us for giving way to seductive and enticing spirits, and for seeking counsel from the ungodly council instead of seeking Your righteous counsel
  • Disconnect me from any ties, chains, and ropes that have attached me to the ungodly council, and remove the evil consequences of those attachments
  • Perform surgery upon my physical heart and remove all ungodly electromagnetic fields
  • Disconnect me from all ungodly powers that have been fueling this ungodly activity; retune and recalibrate my heart to synch with Your heart
  • Remove all ungodly worship of the enemy in my generational line
  • Destroy all ungodly walls that were erected because of sin on the land, which have blocked my family line and me from other people

🔷 I now issue a divorce decree between myself and the enemy.

🔷 Lord, as I am now being disconnected from all ungodly dimensional zodiacs, please correctly connect me to the Godly Mazzaroth and marry me to the land.

🔷 I repent and renounce any partnership with all ungodly thought/belief systems and for acceptance of that which is not true.

🔷 Lord, please release me from selling out to seduction and false mindsets.

🔷 I repent for all of us who gave away our authority over the land in trade for prestige, power and comfort.

🔷 Please restore our rightful authority over the land, dimensions, grid and the elements so that You can again be properly glorified.

🔷 Please remove and erase all glory that has been given to the enemy through the generations, and return that glory a hundredfold to You, the true-and-living God.

🔷 Lord, I now ask You break, shatter, destroy, and dissolve all ungodly magnetic fields attached to me.

🔷 Please release Your river to short circuit all ungodly powers, and to bring life and health to the land and to me.

[1] Job 38:32

[2] Leviticus 18:21, Ezekiel 20:31

[3] Acts 7:43


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