Quick Deliverance Report

   This week we did four deliverance sessions in five days. Nancie and I did two of them by ourselves, and three others as a team with our friends Raymond Tellez and Linda Jones. Most of these went around two hours, the shortest one hour, but the longest went over three hours! All told, a busy week, and very satisfying for all involved, since they all resulted in freedom and peace for someone who was afflicted at the start.

One wrinkle that was a little different came during today’s session. We were almost ready to address some demonic oppression that we had discerned, and I found myself, unplanned, leading the person we were ministering to in a prayer of renunciation and breaking of agreement with these spirits, one by one. There were some mild manifestations, and it was clear that this renunciation was stirring the spirits up.

As soon as our friend had renounced and broken all past agreements with these spirits, we began addressing them directly, and cast them out. Most of them went out pretty easily, since their legal ground had been taken away. We will remember this for next time. We give thanks for all those praying for us. God bless you all.

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