Recommended Reading for Deliverance

After reading dozens of books and other documents from all over the spectrum of deliverance approaches, I will list here my favorites, in order from more basic to more advanced.  We have learned from all of them.

Neal Lozano: Unbound: A Practical Guide To Deliverance –  A very basic, easy to read book, majoring on the Father’s love for us, and the heart, soul, spirit dynamics. Very pastoral and full of grace. Simple and deep at the same time. One can hear Randy Clark’s voice coming through the writing. Lozano’s focus is on the person being delivered and on Jesus the Deliverer, very helpful reminders.

Dr. Tom Sappington: The Role of Spiritual Warfare in the Christian Life and Ministry –  This is free download off the Web. If you search by author and title you will see the PDF file. It features a very strong exposition of the spiritual and personal dynamics of oppression and ministry, and has a very strong section on rejection. I printed my PDF at Staples and use his insights Highly recommended. Sappington is not widely known, but combines years of missions experience teaching deliverance in Asia with expertise in Scripture (his PhD is in New Testament). He is chair of the missions department at Biola, where he also teaches Bible and theology.

Frank Marzullo & Tom Snyder: A Manual for the Deliverance Worker –   A very concise, compact outline of the necessities of deliverance ministry, very insightful.

Win Worley: Deliverance Starter Package from
Also see the other titles on this site. Worley is one of the pioneers, having started in 1970. He is very influential and we highly recommend him. Any of his booklets will be helpful and insightful. These are written in a relaxed, conversational style, and are very practical. We have all of his booklets and books. He is Nancie’s favorite. Also very helpful is his Mass Deliverance Manual, which also has a very provocative chapter on binding & loosing. Free online at

Gene Moody: How To Do Deliverance Manual –  Moody puts all of his materials for free download, so that you may see his style. I myself use his Prayer Manual and Spiritual Warfare Prayer Book as inspiration for my own prayers. Moody’s approach is very personal, like Worley’s, and deserves a close reading. He is the most overtly Pentecostal of these authors, and recommends the use of the KJV frequently. I would start with the Manual mentioned above and the Spiritual Warfare Prayer Book. We have all of these and enjoy them. Preview them at

John Eckhardt: Deliverance & Spiritual Warfare Manual –  More advanced, very detailed exposition of often overlooked aspects of entry points and other considerations. Highly recommended. Eckhardt is a master, and we have also been helped by his Prayers That Rout Demons & Break Curses

Arlin Epperson: Healing of the Spirit, A Practical Manual for Deliverance & Inner Healing. This is a very detailed and thorough book, 250 pages of in depth examinations of entry points and ministry considerations. It is a free download, search on the author and title for a big PDF file. You can keep the PDF on your computer and search the PDF for desired subjects. I have printed mine out at Staples. Epperson was a college professor so he is very thorough and detailed. He worked many years in Africa and had a deep relationship with Randy Clark. Highly recommended for its in depth examination of important topics. I use it like an encyclopedia.

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