Roots of Rebellion

Resistance is rebellion, strife is rebellion, disobedience is rebellion. The flesh is in rebellion with the spirit. The Bible says the flesh is at enmity with the Spirit. The carnal mind is at enmity with the Spirit. The carnal mind is in REBELLION with the Spirit. Anything that comes from the flesh, the carnal mind, is contrary to God.

“For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.” Romans 8:6-7

The knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil was the start of carnality for the world. The beginning of rebellion was Satan’s turn from God because he wanted to be like God. Rebellion sat in the garden near Adam and Eve, the tree of death, the tree of rebellion that works against God and opposes the tree of life. Satan seduced them with that same evil desire of his own to be like God. Yet not just to be like God, but to be their own God. They ate what was at enmity against God, the tree that brings forth death, separation from God. To be carnally minded is death.

When Adam and Eve ate it, it was rebellion because it was commanded that they should not eat of it, and the fruit of their rebellion was separation from God once they ate of that knowledge, that knowledge of the world. The seed of that fruit that they ate was rebellion. This is why God had to separate them from Himself, because rebellion was now in them, and even though it was small, it was still a foothold of Satan in them.

Anything that we think, do, desire, intend on, that’s from this tree, the world, is rebellion with God. This tree is the tree of carnality and it dwells in the way we think, do, intend, and desire. The parts of us that have not been crucified, that have not been regenerated yet by the washing of the water of the Word are still parts of us that contain rebellion with God. Any agreement with any mindset, desire, or intention is a negative agreement against God.

To be a friend of the world is to be an enemy with God. Any worldliness in us is our enemy. Any religiousness in us is our enemy. Religion is the world disguised as the Word, the world disguised as the Spirit. This is divination.

The enemy comes as a minister of light, using things that are true but with a different agenda to deceive you. Using holy things to get us to obey unholy and vain things. This is from the spirit of rebellion, but the flesh is in rebellion with the Spirit automatically. Really any agreement we have with the flesh, any time we’re in the flesh, we are actually in rebellion. There’s a time where God gives us grace because of ignorance, yet when that flesh starts to take root, it starts to overtake us and rebellion starts to overtake us.

So really our enemy is not just rebellion itself. It is the roots of rebellion: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life, the cares of this world, carnality, fake spirituality, worldliness disguised as godliness, man’s ways, man’s thinking, man’s will, man’s strength, man’s desire, religion, man’s theology, man’s teaching, and doctrine. These automatically are in rebellion with the Spirit because they are of the flesh and the flesh is at enmity with the Spirit.

When spiritual things from God come to a certain part of our life where we still hold carnality, our own thinking, or way, we will start to resist God. We will start to resist the ways of the Spirit because the ways of our flesh are in the way. We might not be rebellious in some areas of our lives but in other areas, we may be rebellious because we have our own set ways and opinions about that area of life.

Don’t just try to cut off the rebellion inside of you. Don’t just try to cut off the fruits of resistance. Cut off the things that are making you resistant, the things that are making you rebellious. The fallen nature, the carnal mind, the residue of religion. Even if it’s little, if it is not killed, it will one day be big.

When God speaks all there is, is life and peace. When carnality speaks, it spews witchcraft and confusion. Witchcraft is the fruit of rebellion. When witchcraft is present, rebellion is present. Yet rebellion is only present because carnality is present. Whether that carnality lives in the heart or the mind, the root of witchcraft is rebellion, but the root of rebellion is carnality. So really the root of witchcraft traces all the way back to carnality. When witchcraft is present, things that oppose God, the flesh is present.

To get rid of witchcraft we have to get rid of the thing that is carnal. When one is under witchcraft. They are in a fight between carnal and spiritual. The spiritual is present and the carnal manifests and wars against the Spirit and then comes confusion and wrestling. Just like how a witch uses prayers and candles and devices to manifest the power of witchcraft and the manifestation of their witchcraft is a conjuring of spirits or darkness in someone else’s life.

In the church, you do not have to be a witch to do witchcraft. The flesh, carnality, is the door to spirits in our lives. When we open that door, spirits and powers of darkness come in. When we are around our brothers and sisters and we speak in the flesh or we open the door to carnality, it puts witchcraft on them, and a door opens that they now have to shut even though it was not their fault.

The flesh is a stumbling block to those who walk after the Spirit. Witchcraft comes and here comes God cutting out the thing that made it present, the opened door. Because we are a body and we are one, we can open the door to witchcraft on our fellow brethren because we as a body share an atmosphere, and what is present inside of us, whether good or bad, brings an aroma to that atmosphere. Because we are spiritual beings, we can feel when flesh is present inside of our brothers and sisters, and it brings warfare in the Spirit because we can feel what’s in the air.

Flesh starts to stink after a while and spiritual beings can sense it, and we start to engage in warfare because we want the good and pure things of heaven to dominate the atmosphere. The flesh that’s in man starts to war with the presence of God in our midst, trying to bring a deadness to the air. God resists the proud, and when rebellion is present, God starts to resist having his abode shared with rebellion. The war is inside of us. What’s inside of us dictates the atmosphere around us. Opposing thoughts, thoughts that get us to try to think on things below instead of things above. Desires that tempt us to try and manipulate us to go after ungodly things. Focuses that try to get us off track from where the Spirit is moving. This is the warfare. This is the rebellion, and it’s all witchcraft!

There are witches in the church, but most of the witches don’t know they are witches. They are just people who live according to their own will and flesh, and the enemy gets to use them as a mouthpiece to try and destroy churches, families, and friends. They come not sent by the Lord, and anything that is not sent by the Lord is sent by the devil. Anything that is done or said in the flesh, whether willing or unwilling, is still of the devil because the devil uses it for deception, diversion, and confusion.

The devil and his demons will come to sow seeds of carnality so that it would bring witchcraft but we have to resist him, and when we resist him and he flees, the witchcraft leaves. Yet if we don’t submit to God, this is the reason witchcraft won’t go away because rebellion is present and the devil can stay present. We can resist Satan all day, but he’s allowed to stay because of our lack of submission to God which is our rebellion to God.

The devil can even use truth for witchcraft and can even use truth to deceive. The Holy Spirit may be speaking a certain thing or doing a certain thing, yet the devil will come in and do something else that is not bad, not wrong, but actually looks like truth or looks like something God would do or say. Yet it’s all a diversion to get you focused off what God is specifically focused on.

Like the women who said to Paul, “Here are the men that preach the way of salvation.” This was a true thing but it was still a movement of the enemy because he was using that girl to distract him. A few days later, Paul cast out the same demon that was using the truth for lies. Truth but with an agenda.

So what if someone speaks truth! Are they speaking truth from the Spirit of Truth! The Spirit of Truth will speak truth in the right timing and context according to God’s heart and mind. Yet the enemy will use things that God has formally done and said to his advantage to distract people from what God is saying and doing now.

Test the spirits, and you will know if they are from the Spirit. The Spirit of God will let you know if they are from God! Without the discernment of spirits, you will never know when it’s God or when it’s not. The devil knows the Word, you cannot just know the Word, you better know the author of the Word. Or else you will be deceived with the Word.

The devil deceives people with the Word of God. He tried to do it to Jesus during the 40 days and 40 nights of constant temptation. Yet this was just temptation. This was temptation to do things that seemed godly but behind it was deception.

Everything the devil does is to lead us to rebellion. Satan’s first act, the beginning of his reign of darkness, was to rebel against God. Why? Because he wanted to be God. Satan had an unholy desire, and that one unholy desire was a seed of rebellion. Following that one seed was the act of rebellion. Yet rebellion was already there when lust entered his heart. Pride was already there when that seed was there.

Before Satan could be worshipped, he desired to be worshipped. Before Korah rebelled in the physical, he rebelled spiritually when he desired Moses’ position. Korah’s one seed of lust was a seed of rebellion. Abraham’s one act of flesh birthed a seed of rebellion in Ishmael and that one seed gave birth to a whole religion of rebellion in Islam.

The flesh is our road to rebellion. Our strength, our might, our power, our own way, thoughts, and thinking are all flesh and births in us seeds of rebellion that bring witchcraft not only in our brother’s life but in our own. Some people don’t know that they are actually under witchcraft because rebellion dwells in them, and if rebellion dwells in them it means carnality is in them. Every time you entertain a carnal thought, you are entertaining what is rebellious against God. Then comes the witchcraft.

If you have a carnal way of seeing the grace of God, every time you hear about the grace of God, you will come under witchcraft because you have a carnal sight of it. When you hear a real message on God’s grace, it will mess with you because you see grace in another way, a carnal way, and here comes God bringing you the real grace with power, and there is a war. The carnal mind coming at enmity with the spirit and the spirit against the flesh. Whatever part of your life it is, witchcraft will be present when a carnal view or desire is present about that area of your life.

Or when we go places or do things that are not led by God, they put us under witchcraft and they are not God-ordained, and demons are allowed to come and torment because we are out from our covering.

Your only solution is to repent and the witchcraft will stop. Witchcraft will stop because the rebellion against God’s Word stops. Rebellion in you is the reason for the spirit that torments you. What makes it worse is that you think the way you believe something is God’s word or way but that’s what deceives you even deeper because it only looks like God’s word. Then you wonder why you never walk in the power of the Word. It’s because it’s not the word from God. In His way, in His context. By His Spirit. When it’s by His Spirit, there’s power to break the yoke. There’s grace for the race.

When spirits come to buffet us for general warfare, we will win that fight because as long as they cannot find any foothold in us, they have to bow to God. Yet if rebellion is present in us, carnality, they will start to gain ground.

When it’s His Spirit, there’s power to break through and walk in whatever God has called us to. Yet when it’s man’s spirit, there’s only striving with the hard ground yielding no fruit. After the tiller tills the ground, there’s frustration and witchcraft because what comes from the ground bears no fruit. Yet if you’re not bearing fruit and you think you’re in God, you will be confused, and the devil will bring witchcraft and mess with you because really, it’s all rebellion, and the rebellion has made the ground hard.

Rebellion is because we don’t want to do it God’s way, we want to do it our way. Rebellion to God is when we want to do our own way or thing. Ask Saul. Saul was commanded to kill the Amalekites and all of their cattle and spoil. Saul went to do it but he only killed the Amalekites without killing their king and their spoil and cattle. He kept the cattle to please his own people.

Read 1 Samuel 15.

Saul said to Samuel that He obeyed to Lord’s commands. Yet he only obeyed God’s command in his own way! Are you doing things your way under God’s command? Or His way? Are you walking according to the Word in God’s way or your way? If it’s your version, then it’s rebellion.

Then we see that Saul repents before God. So many times, we see Saul repenting all through his life, but his repentance would never bring forth fruit. He repented for not killing all of the nation of the Amalekites. He repented and even wept multiple times for trying to kill David.

Yet it was that one seed of rebellion that existed from start to finish that he never got rid of and always made his repentance void. The one seed that always drove him to walk in rebellion. Saul loved to be seen by men. Because of this, the Lord could never fully get ahold of him. Because that whole tree of rebellion in Him was rooted in that one seed of lust to be seen by men.

The reason you’re so rebellious is that there is carnality in you! There is lust of the flesh in you. God said to Saul: “Stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.” Stiff-necked, not willing to turn our neck that our eyes would see a better way. To be stubborn is to be set in your own ways, and when we are so set on something, not even God will help us because we have given over to our idolatry. Who is the idol? It’s you! You worship yourself because you bow to your own way. Your ways, your lust, your will, your thinking is your God. Therefore, you are your God. This is rebellion. Rebellion is when we choose self over God; when we idolize ourself over looking to God.

Even if we choose our self or look to our self in a small way, it’s still idolatry and it’s the beginning of rebellion. A seed. It’s the beginning of us becoming our own God. What seems like an insignificant lust turns into a significant worship of self, going forward. When the devil wanted to be like God, it seemed like a small gray area but now that one seed has turned into a whole kingdom what we call the world. That one seed led the whole world into rebellion. From the first seed of Adam to a newborn baby today has that one seed that brought a fallen nature and a status quo of rebellion from nation to nation and generation to generation. And a seven-headed beast has come from one seed.

It took one seed in Saul, one seed in Cain, one seed in Korah, one seed of Abraham, one seed of one seed in Satan that led millions of people to rebellion and created kingdoms and nations of rebellion. Don’t just try to get rid of witchcraft, the fruit of rebellion. Don’t just try and get rid of rebellion, get rid of the seeds of rebellion, carnality. Carnality is the seed of rebellion because the carnal is at enmity with the spiritual. Get rid of the flesh. Don’t kill the prophet, kill the flesh. When you kill the flesh, you are killing rebellion.

By Joe Pinto

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