See What Christ Prophesied About You  

One fact that is often overlooked about Christ is that when he was alive, one of the primary ways he was understood by the public was as a prophet (see Mat. 21:11, Mk. 6:15, Lk. 7:16 and John 6:14). Many will recall his prophecies about the end of the age (Mt. 24, etc.), but this post will focus on a particular statement that is just as prophetic, and can affect us today.

Late in his ministry Christ prophesied to His followers that after he went to the Father, we would do greater works that he did (John 14:12). The Greek word translated ‘works’ here, usually refers in John’s Gospel to miraculous signs that authenticated Christ’s mission and message.

Examples of this word (ergon, Strong’s # 2041) being used in this way can be seen in John 5:20, 36;  7:3, 21;  9:3;  10:25, 37;  14:10-12;  15:24  for examples. This Scripture list is from the authoritative Bauer-Arndt-Gingrich-Danker N.T. Greek Lexicon, 1979 edition, page 308, which notes that this word refers to “the deeds of God and Jesus, specifically the miracles” also referencing Mat. 11:2;  Acts 13:41;  Rev. 15:3 for this type of usage.

So if we take Christ seriously as a prophet, and we take this prophecy’s message seriously, let us ask the Lord that he would pour out his Spirit upon us like never before, and that he would help us to exercise greater faith and boldness than ever before, so that captives would be set free like never before. There are people waiting to be set free.

Let us pray that Christ would give many opportunities for this prophecy to be fulfilled through his followers, even us. Let us step out of the boat and be willing to minister to the sick and afflicted. If we are able to start doing this, let us start. If we need help, let us get the help that we need. Our question and discussion group on Facebook is open. Or you can email us at multiplyingfreedom [at] gmail dot com.

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