Self Deliverance – Curses and Witchcraf

In view of the degree of spiritual warfare that we are dealing with as ministers of Christ, it is important to consider curses and witchcraft again. Our last post dealt with curses and witchcraft related to one’s own actions. This post deals with those that come from others.

Followers of Christ, especially those in ministry, are often the targets of spiritual attacks stirred up by the enemies of the Gospel. We need to be aware of the frequency of these attacks, and their nature.

Here are some indications that you could be the target of witchcraft or curses, if these are seen in an unusual manner: tiredness, arguments, financial troubles, accidents or sickness that seems beyond what you normally would expect. Or you may just realize that things are not going normally.

Prayer:  In the name of Jesus, I break all demonic attacks, every type of witchcraft and every curse directed against me from any source. I break the effects of any rituals, assignments, spells, curses, words or actions that have been directed against me. I sever all connections that have been made between me and any spirits other than the Holy Spirit sent from God the Father.

In the name of Jesus, I take authority over any spirits that have come near me or are affecting me in any way, and I send you away to the Lord Jesus Christ, to obey the orders he gives you.  I cast out any spirits that have caused _____ (confusion, pain, infirmity, heaviness, etc.), and order them and all others working with them to leave me now, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Even if there is no indication of current trouble, it is wise to pray along these lines periodically. Feel free to ask questions on this post, or in our Facebook group called MFM Deliverance Discussion.

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