Self Deliverance – Pt. 1 of a Series

Our approach combines some basic aspects of inner healing, based on our conviction that a certain amount of healing of the emotions can set the stage for a more complete and long lasting

As we explain in our workshops, in keeping with our ministry philosophy, we do not get into extensive visualization or dealings with memories, but we do incorporate prayers for healing and blessing.

As John Wimber wrote, “The nature of healing is such that when one area is touched, other affected areas will also experience the process of healing, with the view to the person being made whole.  Often physical illnesses are caused by emotional, spiritual or even demonic elements and vice versa.”

“Complex interrelationships between the various types of sickness, the parts of the human make-up, and the different kinds of healing, must always be taken into account. The Scriptures suggest that God wants wholeness for people in every area of life (John 10:10; 3 John 2) and we should use every biblical means at our disposal to receive and impart this wholeness.”

When possible, plan so that you have about 30-60 minutes quiet and distraction-free time. It can be helpful to have quiet, worshipful music playing in the background, as long as it is not a source of distraction. Turn off all phones, alarms or other sources of interruption.

To be continued –  check back tomorrow.

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