Self Deliverance – Soul Ties

The term ‘soul tie’ describes a mental, emotional or spiritual effect resulting from a relationship that can be characterized as either sinful on its own (started in sexual sin), or having an unhealthy type of influence, control or abuse.

It can also be one that impedes the person’s ability to understand or follow God’s will, or that has an addictive or ungodly effect. These can include mental or emotional ties that can form through online chats or other similar activities. This is an outline sketch to get you thinking and praying for God’s discernment.

Sexual sins produce unholy soul ties that must often be broken before healing can occur and captives be set free. Either sexual sins or controlling relationships can produce a spiritual or emotional connection that is outside God’s will and can lead to spiritual bondage.

Take a minute to go through the relationships covered in the forgiveness section, and see if there are any soul ties that need to be broken. Also consider any online relationships.

Look and pray through your life and relationships, and see if there are any relationships that have these qualities or histories. If you think of one, or if the Holy Spirit points to one, address it:

Prayer:  “Thank you Father, for your freedom and liberty. Right now I cut any unhealthy [or sinful] soul ties to N., and ask that you grant me healing and restoration from any effects that our relationship has had on me. I cut off and renounce all unhealthy connections, and I loose myself from any bonds or connections with N. and I set us both free in the name of Jesus.

Depending on the nature of the relationships and history/difficulties, consider the following spirits for attention – the Holy Spirit will guide you: Control, fear, guilt, shame, lust.

Expel all demons and then thank the Lord for his freedom, and pray for a sealing and filling of the Spirit.

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