Self Deliverance – The occult and alternative spiritualities

Our self deliverance series continues with attention to various alternative spiritualities that are not always appreciated in their power and influence. This can be the case even decades after our contact with them or generations after our ancestors may have been involved.

Reflect carefully on your past history and ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of any involvement with any form of witchcraft, New Age expressions, Freemasonry, non-Christian faiths or religions, non-Christian cults, energy healing, Reiki, astrology, palm reading, Tarot, Ouija, séances, horoscopes, crystals, I Ching, reincarnation, good luck charms, spirit guides, Dungeons & Dragons or similar games, Course in Miracles, wicca, martial arts, yoga, good luck charms, martial arts, Native American religion, spirit guides, or ownership or reading of books on occultism or spiritual themes named above.

Pay special attention to any contact with Freemasonry, Eastern Star, Demolay, Rainbow Girls, Job’s Daughters, Shriners, or the possession Masonic Bibles or materials used in any Masonic activities. These are all considerably more dangerous than usually supposed.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I repent for all of my involvement in ______, and I renounce all of my connections to it. I break all ties to it, and burn them with fire. I will never go back to it, and I ask you to cleanse me from all effects that it has had on me.

Consider casting out spirits of unbelief, deception, spirit of ______ (name of cult, religion or practice), spirits of occultism, witchcraft, confusion, deception, spirit of ____ (false spiritual gifts), fantasy, depression, death, control, familiar spirits, divination, antichrist, and anything else that the Holy Spirit shows you.

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