Self Deliverance When You Feel Attacked

If you are seriously following the Lord and involved in any sort of ministry, you are under spiritual attack whether you feel it or not. This goes double if your ministry involves prayer, evangelism, discipleship or deliverance. Self-deliverance can help a lot. I will lay out a picture of what can easily happen, and some general guidelines for dealing with this warfare.

Servants of the Lord are frequently targeted with witchcraft and curses. These can produce feelings of physical unwellness, brain fog, stress, fatigue, depression, discouragement, short-temperedness or increased intensity of temptation. While these are not by themselves evidence of spiritual attack, never mind witchcraft, they bear serious consideration as such.

There is a saying in deliverance that says that it is better to break a curse or dispatch a demon that is not there, than it is to leave one alone that is there. Here is how self-deliverance can help:

1] Examine yourself closely – is there anywhere in your life where the Lord is not having His way, or you are resisting the Holy Spirit? If so, deal with that, confessing it as sin and renouncing it completely.

2] Are there any relationships (family, friends, business, church) that are not in good repair, or that have unresolved conflicts? If so, forgive and release whoever is involved, and be sure that you are free and have peaceful feelings towards all concerned. Include yourself in any forgiveness that may be required.

3] Now that your life is clean and your heart pure, it is time to break any curses that may have been sent against you. Break and cancel any words, rituals or witchcraft-type activities that have been directed against you. Cast out any spirits that your discernment suggests. If you are not sure, say something like, “I cast out any spirits that have caused _____ (confusion, pain, infirmity, heaviness, etc.), and I order them and all others working with them to leave me now, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

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