Soul Ties

The term ‘soul tie’ describes an effect resulting from a relationship that can be described as either:

[1] Sinful on its own (i.e. started in fornication, adultery, etc.). Sexual sins produce unholy soul ties that must be broken before healing can occur and the captives be set free. These can also include mental or emotional ties that can form through online chats or other similar activities.

[2] Characterized by unhealthy influence, control or abuse that impede the person’s ability to understand or follow God’s will, or that has an addictive or ungodly effect.

Either of these can produces a spiritual or emotional bond that is outside God’s will. Take a minute a go through your older and newer relationships in #1 and see if there are any soul ties that need to be broken. Possibly any online relationships.

Depending on the nature of the relationships and history or difficulties, consider casting out the following spirits, or others that God shows you – the Holy Spirit will guide you: Control, fear, guilt, shame, lust, or others.

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