Prayer – Spiritual Warfare For The Family

Today we will be dealing with spiritual warfare prayer for the family. A family is a distinct unit among the agents of socialization. From the time a child is born, up until he grows into a man, he will be nurtured by the family. God has given so much power into the hands of a family. They could save one of their own from destruction, and they could also be the architect of decay to another.

Many people believe that a family is a union of people who are related by blood or by marriage. However, as against this general belief, a family is higher than that. It is not just blood or marriage that joins people together to become a family. A family could mean a group of people who shares the same interest, beliefs, norms, and values. That is why when we become one with Christ, we automatically join the family of Christ, and we see everyone in the family as brethren. While being in the body of Christ can join people together to become one, so also can being in the world join people together. For instance, an ardent drunkard will always ally with fellow drunkards. And then those who are being ruled and controlled by the devil are also one family.

When a family is united, there is a little to what they can not achieve. That is why the scripture said one would pull a thousand, and two will pull ten thousand. Family is all about unity and togetherness. The devil is a great manipulator, understands this. That is why the devil will do everything to ensure that the family is not in good shape. When there is a problem in the family, the product of that family, i.e., the children, will have a problem.

Needless to say that there are so many families that have been manipulated and by the devil. They no longer see things from the same visual lens, the devil has created a disparity between them, and this had become a significant advantage for the enemy to penetrate. Once we come to the consciousness that things are not going the way they should, the onus is on us to rectify it. We owe our family a duty of prayer as a member of the family. When Apostle Peter was thrown into prison, the other Apostles knowing fully well that there is nothing they could do, they turn to God in prayers to rescue Peter, who was cast into the cell. The end of that story is a familiar gist.

We have compiled a list of spiritual warfare prayers to rescue the family from the devil and destroy the plans and agenda of the enemy to destroy the family.

Prayer Points

Lord God, I pray for your understanding that surpasses the wisdom of men, grants it upon each and every member of my family. The grace for us to understand ourselves with thoroughness and charm give it upon us in the name of Jesus.

I come against every plan and agenda of the enemy to destroy my family with a dispute. Every plan and agenda of the enemy to create a disparity in my family, I destroy it by the blood of the lamb.

For it has been written that I know the thoughts I have towards you, they are the thought of good and evil to give you an expected end. Lord Jesus, I pray that my family will not fail purpose in the name of Jesus.

I come against every plan of the enemy to inflict my family and me with an incurable illness. Because it has been written that Christ has bare upon himself all our infirmities, and he has healed all our diseases. I destroy every form of the disease in my family in the name of Jesus.

I decree by the authority of heaven that my family will continually work on the part of righteousness. Every plan of the enemy to cause us to fall away from the part is destroyed by fire.

I anoint every member of my family with the blood of Christ. I destroy every form of death. I come against every scheme of kidnap, rape, or assassination in the name of Jesus.

The Bible says, And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the words of their testimony. I spill the blood of the lamb over every member of my family in the name of Jesus. I decree that your counsel alone will stand over my family in Jesus name.

It has been written that my children and I are for signs and Wonders. Every plan of the enemy to make a laughing stock is destroyed. I counter their plans by the blood of the lamb in the name of Jesus.

I announce our territorial authority over the devil and all his angels. The Bible says for we have been given a name that is above all other names. That at the mention of the name every knee must bow and every tongue shall confess that he is God. In the name of Jesus, I destroy the works of the enemy over my family.

Just like Joshua announced to the people of Isreal that Choose ye this day the God you will serve, but as for my family and me, we will serve the Lord. I reiterate this assertion on behalf of my family. Lord Jesus, help us to serve you to the end.

I decree that the purpose for the existence of every member of my family, the reason for our creation, will not be defeated in the name of Jesus Christ. I announce our liberty from the sweltering heat of iniquity, I announce our freedom from the shackles of slavery, and I declare our authority over sin through the blood of the lamb that washes away our sins.
It has been written, declare a thing, and it shall be established, I decree success upon my family in the name of Jesus.

The Bible says, one shall pull a thousand, and two shall pull ten thousand, I claim this by the unity of faith in my family, from now our harvest shall be higher in the name of Jesus.


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