Prayers for Healing – Spiritual Warfare

Let’s deal with Spiritual warfare prayers for healing today. One thing we must understand is that spiritual warfare prayers are done for items that don’t want to happen easily. For instance, these spiritual warfare prayers for healing is done for someone who has been sick, and it seems healing is not forthcoming.

There are many sick people whose healing has been kept in the lock by the devil. Many of them have been tied down by the devil, and no matter what they do, they can not get well. Frequently, what we consider incurable are just mere sickness that has been inflicted by the hands of the devil.

Prayer is a communication channel between the mortal and the immortals. It builds some form of relationship between a man and the realms of the spirit. And you must understand that the spiritual controls the physical. Hence, if there is any laxity in our activities in the physical, we must realize that something has been done in the realms of the spirit. When a sickness defies all medical care that has been given, it is the right time to engage in some kind of spiritual warfareI prayers to free the sick person from the hold of darkness.

Spiritual warfare prayers for healing go along in saving anyone from death through a sudden sickness. There is always a solution to every illness or illness in the realm of the spirit. The scripture says since the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffer violence, and violence takes it by force. This explains that to get some specific things done requires some form of spiritual violence.

There are miraculous healing that won’t come easily unless via warfare prayers.
If you feel you need or someone close to you needs this type of prayer, we have compiled a list of them for your use. Remember that Jesus said this would not happen unless with Fasting and Prayers. You can endeavor to go into fasting while you say these prayers.

Prayer Points

Lord Jesus, I free myself from every demonic bondage of sickness in the name of Jesus. I announce my freedom from every chain that has been used to tie me down, from every demonic rope that has been used to hold me down to a spot, I break free today in the name of Jesus.

For it has been that by his stripe, we are healed. I decree by the authority of heaven, that my Healing is guaranteed in the name of Jesus whatever hindrance that may want to stand as a stumbling block is destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus.

I come against any principalities that may want to extend my day of victory over sickness, I destroy them by the blood of the lamb. For the blood of Christ has been shed already, I come against every evil covenant of incurable sickness over my life, I destroy their holds in the name of Jesus.

Lord Arise, and let your enemies be scattered. Every spirit man and woman who stand at the channel of my recovery, everyone who stands as a giant against my victory over this sickness, I announce their death in the name of Jesus. I decree by the authority of heaven that the angel of death that visited the land of Egypt and killed all the first fruit of the Egyptians will go straight to the household of my enemies and slaughter them in the name of Jesus.

For Christ has been beaten for my sake, he has been molested for my sake, he endured pain and suffering because of me, that I may live a comfortable life. I tap into the covenant that was made through the blood of Christ in Calvary, and I decree that I’m healed in the name of Jesus. I break down every stronghold of darkness; every cloud of sickness hovering around me, I destroy them by the fire of God Almighty in the of Jesus.

Every ancestral powers and covenant working against my health. Every demonic force that has been contracted to inflict every member of my family with an incurable sickness, I come against you this day, and I destroy your power over me by the blood of Christ. For it has been written, they overcome him by the blood of the lamb and by the words of their testimony. I announce my freedom over you in the name of Jesus.

Every societal sickness that affects the people living in my community, I break free from you in the name of Jesus. All you demon and agents of incurable sickness, hear the voice of the Lord, for Christ has bare upon himself all my infirmities, and he has healed all my diseases. I decree in the name of Jesus that I’m whole, I announce my liberty from you in the name of the holy one of Isreal.

Every demonic giant that has taken an oath that I will never be well again, I call on the Lion in the tribe of Judah to devour you and your cohort in the name of Jesus Christ.

I break down all your networking over me, I destroy all of your camps around me, and I replace you and your demons with the Cherubims of glory. And I decree that the Seraphims with the sword of flames will go before me and destroy every attack that has been put in place by the enemy to make me sick again.

For it has been written that he that the Son has set free is free indeed. I decree that my testimony of liberty, my testimony of freedom, my testimony of healing shall be permanent in the name of Jesus.

I put the angels of the Lord in charge of my affairs, and they shall begin to guide my path from today. For it has written that fire goes before the chariot of the Lord and consumes the Lord’s enemies. All my enemies shall be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus.

Source Pastor Ikechukwu Chinedum

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