Stories Of Healing

(These stories are from Bruce, who writes most of the blog posts.)

Recently Nancie I and were praying for people at a church service. We prayed for four people, all with different needs. One came to us for a physical problem, which often has a spiritual and emotional component. After prayer, we briefly noted how this person’s medical condition often has a coexisting unforgiveness problem. This person quickly admitted that there were people from the past who’d never been forgiven. We helped them to forgive and release the people involved, and to experience freedom, which will lead to better health.

Another person coming for relief from pain experienced complete relief. We addressed some demonic attack that was a contributor to the problem.

A third was under serious spiritual attack, and we spent time praying and dealing with the demons involved. We also addressed the need to be willing and able to fight for our victory. We’ll be following up on this with prayer materials.

Our fourth person needed encouragement to be able to see a breakthrough. After some prayer time, our friend walked away in a much better spiritual condition, ready to help others. Her breakthrough had already begun.

Something changed in me that night. I want to be spending more time doing healing and deliverance. I am feeling much more of a fire inside for this, and it is growing.

Nancie feels that now is a time when more and more people are ready for deliverance and inner healing. We are ready to pray more and train more.



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