Studying the Spiritual Roots of Disease

This topic was pointed out to us by Gene Moody, who recommended two authors who have studied this topic in depth, Henry W. Wright and Art Mathias. Wright wrote a long book called A More Excellent Way and a shorter one called Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease. The shorter one was published just before his untimely passing late last year. It is a good intro, and the best place to start. The longer one is more in depth, if you buy it, get the 2009 edition which is most complete.

 Mathias’ book is called In His Own Image, and his writings have challenged Nancie and I very deeply. Don’t buy them unless you are willing to look at your own state of discipleship and your walk with God.

 Wright mentions as root causes, estrangement from God and his love, from self, and from others (relational issues all); fear, anxiety, stress; unforgiveness, bitterness, and so forth.

 Mathias mentions Bitterness, Self-critical emotions, Envy/Jealousy; Rejection, and Fear and Occult practices. In His Own Image focuses mostly on the issues of sin, sickness and disease. The root causes are investigated in great depth in his book, Biblical Foundations of Freedom, which is ultra challenging. He sets out a very challenging theology of healing, wholeness and discipleship, which is a very dense read, but ultra rewarding.

 He leads a ministry called Wellspring, and we took some training with him about 10 days ago that affected us deeply. If you have a chance to take his four day training that combines the two seminars I Found Freedom and How To Minister To Others, we would recommend them.

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